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This hopefully temporary page will be updated periodically as new COVID-19 related information is provided to the Parish Council.  The most recent will be at the top.  Local news related to COVID-19 is summarised below as well and other useful links below that.

NEW during December 2021

  • Booster Vaccines
    Q&A’s all about why, when, how, where etc… of taking the booster vaccine. People aged 18 or over can pre-book a booster dose appointment 2 months after their second vaccine dose. You can get your booster dose 3 months after your second vaccine dose.
  • NHS Major Incident
    The NHS has declared a major incident in relation to the administration of the COVID 19 booster vaccine. They will use a number of venues to ramp-up vaccinations

NEW during July 2021

NEW during May 2021

NEW during March 2021

NEW during February 2021

  • Community Response Document v17
    More updates on myths & scams as well as more meaty topics such as the Roadmap out of Lockdown and h=what if you have ben added to shielding list.

January 2021

December 2020

  • Residents Contacts Pack:
    A comprehensive compilation of useful contacts ranging from councillors to community groups, shops & food.
  • Community Response Document v13:
    Updates include guidance on the importance of ventilation and Vitamin D as well as advice on forming a Christmas bubble and when attending the town centre.  The contents pages will help you find exactly what you need to know.
  • Re-entering a Different Tier 2
    What can you do & what can’t you do?

November 2020

  • Winter Resilience Programme:
    Colchester BC is launching a Winter Resilience programme to see us through winter with COVID.  The intention is to ensure all residents are prepared and/or have access to support when they need it.
  • Community Response Document v12:
    Updates include National Lockdown Restrictions and how to report breaches, new information on shielding, advice for students, information on staying well and many other information updates.
  • Preparations for Remembrance Sunday:
    This note sets out how Remembrance Sunday activities can take place in line with current COVID-19 restrictions and requirements in England.

September 2020

  • Community Response Document V10:
    Further updated to include the ‘Rule of Six’, advice on how to tell the difference between colds, flu & COVID-Covid-19 Virus19, advice about the flu jab, request to download the NHS COVID app and other updates.

August 2020

  • Community Response Document V8:
    An updated version of the July publication, this adds details on the wearing of face coverings and masks, Coronavirus & worship and the pausing of shielding.  It also has updates on Community 360, shopping and links.

July 2020

  • Community Response Document_V7;
    Produced by CBC this document contains a wealth of really useful information ranging from key contacts, employment support, face masks, domestic & sexual abuse help, funding opportunities and much more besides.

June 2020

  • West Bergholt PC Health & Wellbeing Plan;
    This documents the Parish Council’s response to COVID-19 in supporting the village & its residents. [Updated 17/6/20]
  • CBC Residents Information Pack V2:
    A comprehensive compendium of essential contacts ranging from food supplies to councillors, from support groups to how to get a delivery slot.  Updated at the beginning of June – no indication of what changes might have been made.

May 2020

PRE 12th May advice – some may still be in force but those above will superseded these:

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