Orpen Close

Brewery’s Orpen became name for CloseLocation of Orpen Close

Orpen Close bears the name of a stalwart Victorian gentleman who played a large part in the life of the village more than 100 years ago.

Osmond George Orpen married into West Bergholt’s most prominent family and never looked back.  They were glad to have him because he was one of the most talented brewers in the country and the Daniell family’s business was beer. Mr Orpen was Head Brewer at the Daniells brewery in the village and later became joint managing director.

The Daniells had been brewing here since the beginning of the 19th century and they figured large in village life, not only because they were the biggest employers but also because they were probably the biggest family. Osmond Orpen’s father-in-law Joseph Brabrook Daniell was one of 13 children and his wife Mary Eva was one of five.

Village Bulletin – Issue 84,

December 2000

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