Book a Hall

Book a Hall

To book any of the Halls, you can use our Online Booking System provided by Hallmaster which you can access from this page.  If you are new to Hallmaster please check the guidance notes below the Hallmaster screen.

You can also contact the Hall Administrator, Victoria Beckwith-Cole by email at [email protected] or phone 07434 949631, at any reasonable time.

If you are not sure where the Orpen Memorial Hall is you can find it using google maps.


Guidance Notes

Orpen Memorial Hall uses the Hallmaster Online Booking System; this brief guide will show you how to make the most of it as a customer.

First time you log in – Register your Contact Details & a Password

When you make a booking request for the first time, you will need to enter your contact details and a password of your choice much as you would with an online shopping website; this will allow you to track your booking’s status and any changes made.

Make a Booking

To make a booking request from the weekly calendar or scheduler, click on the + symbol on the date and room you wish to book.

Calendar View to create booknig(Note: If you don’t see the + symbol, then online booking has been disabled for this room or facility. Instead, contact the venue directly on [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”] or 07434 949631.)

Fill in the Form

On any page in the software, look out for the  ?  icon – hover over this icon (or tap on mobile) to see more information about the particular field or section it relates to.

Hall Booking Form
  • Rooms: Tick the room(s) that you want to include for this booking. If booking the whole Venue, make sure all the boxes are ticked.
  • Name: This is the name of the event you are booking.
  • Start Date/Time: The start date and time of the event. If this is a recurring booking, this is the start date and time of the first event in the series
  • End Date/Time: The end date and time of the event. If this is a recurring booking, this is the end date and time of the first event in the series.
  • Recurring Booking: If this is a recurring booking for multiple dates, tick this box and choose the booking frequency (eg Daily, Weekly etc), along with how many additional dates you want to add to this series. You can change individual events in a series to a different date or time. To move an individual date in a series to a different room however, you will need to ask the Hall Administrator to do this for you once the booking has been created. Make sure to click on the green Check Availability button. If there is a clash of bookings at any date, time or room, a red error message will display saying ‘The dates of this booking clash with other dates in the calendar, or they don’t end after they begin’. You can then check the weekly calendar or scheduler at the top of the screen to see where the clash is and amend the booking accordingly.
    Note: You cannot proceed with creating a booking request while there is a clash.
  • Activity: This is the general ‘type’ of booking you are making. Choose from the options the venue has setup to indicate what kind of booking this is. If you are unsure what to enter here, contact your venue administrator.
  • Description: You can put as much or as little information about the event itself, including prices, what to bring and links to websites etc.
  • Privacy: There are 3 privacy settings for bookings:
    1. Private: The Weekly Diary and Scheduler will only show the time the event is booked for and whether the booking is Requested or Confirmed. The booking will display as ‘Private Event’ and not show your Event Name, description or your contact
    2. Public – Contact Details Hidden: The Weekly Diary and Scheduler will show the Event Name and a link to the description but will hide your contact details (eg name, email address, telephone number etc), once the booking has been confirmed by an administrator. If the event is still to be confirmed, the calendar will continue to display as ‘Provisional Booking’
    3. Public: The Weekly Diary and Scheduler will show the Event Name and a link to the description and your contact details, once the booking has been confirmed by an administrator. If the event is still to be confirmed, the calendar will continue to display as ‘Provisional Booking’
  • Number of People Attending: Indicate how many people are expected to attend your event. The booking form will not require you to enter something here, but you should confirm with the Hall Administrator if they require this information.
  • Special Requirements: This can be a list of any specific requirements such as use of kitchen, drop-down screen etc.
  • Terms & Conditions: If this tick box shows, then the venue has provided a terms and conditions document that you will need to agree to before proceeding with your booking, if not you will receive it when you confirm & pay.

Save Booking: Once completed press Save and the request will automatically be sent to the Hall Administrator for processing, you will also receive an email from us confirming that the request has been sent – this is not confirmation of your booking. You will then be taken to your Hallmaster dashboard to view your bookings and invoices.

Additional Bookings:

You can always make other booking requests from the Hall’s Calendar/Scheduler or by using the Request Booking button in the Bookings page of your Hallmaster Dashboard.

View your Bookings:

Once logged in to your own account, you will be taken to a list of your bookings where you can see an overview of their dates, times and status.

Booking List

Filtering and Searching:

You can easily sort the columns in the booking grid by clicking on the column heading. E.g. Booking Name sorts your bookings in ascending/descending order etc.  You can also search for specific bookings using the ‘magnifying glass’  search icon in each column heading. When a search is being applied, the icon will change colour to pink.

To clear the filter and display all of your bookings, click on the Clear Filters button.

To search for historical bookings, select the range you want to view from the drop-down menu. The older the items, the longer it will take to load them.

If you wish to, you can print the list of your search results for your records.

Multiple Venues:

You may have bookings with halls in different parishes that use our software. You can easily change which venue you are viewing the information for by selecting them from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

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