West Bergholt’s Neighbourhood Plan

Final Referendum NP CoverNeighbourhood Plan

This West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by the Council following a referendum held on 19th September 2019.  Residents voted in favour with 862 people (94% of voters) in favour and 59, (6%) against. The turnout was 41% of the electorate. Minute ref 19/132.  The plan was adopted by Colchester Borough Council on 16th October 2019 (minute ref 19/148).

The West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan

The Plan and its supporting background documents were prepared
following significant public consultation by a Steering Group, reporting to
West Bergholt Parish Council.

Appendix 1 – Maps

Appendix 2 – Supporting Documents

A List of Planning Policies;
B Schedule of Local Green Spaces;
C Photos of views related to Map CA7;
D Deliverability letters relating to Sites A & B;
E Consultation Report on Surveys carried out at key stages of WB Neighbourhood Plan;
F CBC West Bergholt HRA Screening;
G CBC West Bergholt SEA Screening;
H Sports Site Analysis;
I Action Plan & List of Community Ambitions;
J Infrastructure List;
K CBC Settlement Boundary Review final June 2017;
L Report on the Assessment of Potential Housing Sites;
M West Bergholt Village Appraisal 1995;
N Parish Plan 2008;
O Village Design Statement Dec 2011;
P RCCE Community Profile of West Bergholt;
Q RCCE Housing Needs Survey 2015;
R West Bergholt Position Statement;
S WBNP Consultation Statement;
T Responses to Regulation 14 Consultation;
U West Bergholt Basic Conditions Statement December 2018.

How we got here

The following webpages are now redundant but left online for historic reference.

Where do we go next?

The Parish Council maintains an implementation plan, the most recent of which is linked below:

The council has reformed the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party. Work started in August 2023 reviewing the plan in order to keep it up to date. They will also look to keep it up to date with the latest planning law and guidance. The Working Party will review its previous Terms of Reference and will begin meeting regularly from 2nd October 2023. Notes of those meetings will appear on this page.

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