West Bergholt’s Neighbourhood Plan

Final Referendum NP CoverNeighbourhood Plan

This West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by the Council following a referendum held on 19th September 2019.  Residents voted in favour with 862 people (94% of voters) in favour and 59, (6%) against. The turnout was 41% of the electorate. Minute ref 19/132.  The plan was adopted by Colchester Borough Council on 16th October 2019 (minute ref 19/148).

The West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan

The Plan and its supporting background documents were prepared
following significant public consultation by a Steering Group, reporting to
West Bergholt Parish Council.

Appendix 1 – Maps

Appendix 2 – Supporting Documents

  1. List of Planning Policies;
  2. Schedule of Local Green Spaces;
  3. Photos of views related to Map CA7;
  4. Deliverability letters relating to Sites A & B;
  5. Consultation Report on Surveys carried out at key stages of WB Neighbourhood Plan;
  6. CBC West Bergholt HRA Screening;
  7. CBC West Bergholt SEA Screening;
  8. Sports Site Analysis;
  9. Action Plan & List of Community Ambitions;
  10. Infrastructure List;
  11. CBC Settlement Boundary Review final June 2017;
  12. Report on the Assessment of Potential Housing Sites;
  13. West Bergholt Village Appraisal 1995;
  14. Parish Plan 2008;
  15. Village Design Statement Dec 2011;
  16. RCCE Community Profile of West Bergholt;
  17. RCCE Housing Needs Survey 2015;
  18. West Bergholt Position Statement;
  19. WBNP Consultation Statement;
  20. Responses to Regulation 14 Consultation;
  21. West Bergholt Basic Conditions Statement December 2018.

How we got here

The following webpages are now redundant but left online for historic reference.

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