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Education in West Bergholt

There are a range of educational opportunities in and around West Bergholt including:


Bluebells pre-school provides learning through play

Bluebell pre-school at play
Bluebell pre-school at play

For children aged two to five years Bluebells Pre-School provides full-day care Monday to Friday 9:15 – 3:15.  Bluebells Pre-School employs staff that are qualified to encourage the development of your child in all areas of the Pre-School curriculum, as defined by the Education Authority.  The Pre-School provides a range of programmes suited to differing age bands including appropriate access to computer technology and now occupies both the main Orpen Hall and the John Lampon Hall.

If you would like to know more or put your child’s name on our waiting list, please contact Jackie Leach, the school’s principal, on 07855 715658.  You can also follow them on Facebook.

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Heathlands Junior School, West Bergholt (built in 1858)

Heathlands School

The village has an excellent primary school located right at the heart of the village.

Heathlands Primary School
New Church Road
West Bergholt
Phone: 01206 240288
email: [email protected]

There is also an active PTA about which, please find out more here.

Aerial view of Heathlands School
Aerial view of the school & grounds
Courtesy of John Gili-Ross (pilot) & Dave Kingaby (photographer)

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Hopscotch After-School Club

Operating from Heathlands School, Hopscotch Kids Club is a privately owned out-of-school club.  A maximum of 24 children, aged between 4 – 10, may attend the club at any one time. The club is open each weekday from 08:00 until 09:00 and 15:00 until 18:00, during school term time only. All children share access to a secure enclosed outdoor play area.

Contact details are Mrs Gillian Sims who can be contacted on 01206 240288.

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There are no secondary schools in West Bergholt although the Colchester District has many excellent schools several of which are easily reachable from West Bergholt.  These schools are:

More can be found out about these, and other, schools at the Essex County Council schools website.

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