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The Parish Council maintains this Local Business register as a source of basic information for users.  It does not infer any recommendation, nor should it be assumed that it is comprehensive.  We have tried to make sure it is current and correct but the Parish Council cannot be held liable for any errors.  We will regularly make alterations and additions as they come to our attention.

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A.D.P Ltd     Architects

Contact: David Rose
Tel: 01206 242070
email: [email protected]

Aerial Doctor

Contact: Darren Hughes             45 Mumford Close, W.B.  CO6 3HY
Tel: 01206 247 114
Mob: 07747 775 320
email: [email protected]
web: theaerialdoctoressex.co.uk

Alphega Pharmacy    Chemist

Chapel Road  CO6 3JB
Tel: 01206 240 352

Armoury Autos

Contact: Martin Dunn           Armoury Farm, Armoury Road, CO6 3JP
Tel: 01206 242 144
web: www.armouryautos.co.uk

B.B.        Private Car Hire

Contact: Mr Burrows  69 Albany Road, CO6 3LD
Tel: 01206 684 094
Mob: 07801 824 083
e.mail: [email protected]

BounceAbility            Special Needs Trampoline Centre

Contact: Rosie Pulford    Hill House Farm, 157 Colchester Road, CO6 3JX
Tel: 01206 240510
Mob: 07776 275029
facebook: facebook.com/bounceabilitytrampolining/

Chenerys Chimneys            Chimney Sweep

Contact: Nick Chenery      7 Hall Road, CO6 3BS
Tel: 01206 822015
Mob: 07703 797980
e-mail: [email protected] [email protected]
web: cheneryschimneys.co.uk

CJ Creates         Web, Print & Branding

Contact: Chris James
Tel: 01206 259298
Mob: 07595 303828
web: www.cjcreates.co.uk
e-mail: [email protected]

Colchester Collectables

Contact: Michael Bowles   3 Lexden Road,  CO6 3BT
Tel: 01206 240 998
web: colchestercollectables.com
e-mail: [email protected]

Co-op   Shop

Chapel Road  W.B.   CO6 3JB
Tel: 01206 240 386

Ear For You Essex Nurse Ear Wax Removal Service & Well Man

Contact: Chloe Harvey                   Pirie Road, CO6 3TA
Tel: 07572 418572
email: [email protected]
facebook: earforyouessex
web: fearforyou-earwaxremoval.co.uk

Ebony Pet Services        Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Contact: Liz Lear      24 Pirie Road, CO6 3TA
Mob: 07815 498205
Facebook: facebook.com/ebonypetservices/
e-mail: [email protected]

First Class Cleaners

Contact: Carol Easy
Tel: 01206 242 349

First Start First Aid Training             Registered Nurse, First Aid Trainer (Parenting, Individuals and Business First Aid)

Contact: Chloe Harvey                   Pirie Road, CO6 3TA
Tel: 07572 418572
email: [email protected]
facebook: firststartfirstaid
web: firststartfirstaid.co.uk

Gillard Brothers Ltd    Flooring

Contact: Dean Gillard                Scarletts Chase Offices, Scarletts Chase, CO6 3DH
Tel: 01206 634 777
Mob: 07775 512 525
web: gillardbrothers.co.uk/
e-mail: [email protected]

G.P.Allen  Accountants

Contact: Gerry Allen    Armoury House, Armoury Road, CO6 3JP.
Tel: 01206 241 757
e-mail:  [email protected]

GW Commercial Heating Limited        GasSafe Plumbing & Heating

Contact: Stuart Cornes    Cart Lodge 1, Bourne Farm,   CO6 3EN
Tel: 07887 798916
e-mail: [email protected]

I.M.Beckwith    Horticulturist / Logs for Sale

Contact: Ivor Beckwith
Tel: 01206 240749     Mob: 07981 894433
e-mail: [email protected]

Jecks Repairs       Mobile Phone & Tablet Repairs

Contact: Daniel Jeckells           Flat 17, The Trumans,  CO6 3TJ
Mob: 07540 174246
e-mail: [email protected]
Facebook:  facebook.com/jecksrepairs/

John Tokely Painter & Decorator

Contact: John Tokely         9, Nayland Road,  CO4 5EG
Tel: 01206 845 665
Mob: 07976 848 310
e-mail: [email protected]

Kootchy Products          Sensory Products & Safety Clothing

Contact:   Ali & John Letts,      3 Garling Walk,   CO6 3LG
Mob:  07818 058598
web 1:  kootchyproducts.co.uk
web 2: kootchykids.co.uk
Social:  Facebook  & Twitter
email: [email protected]

Lakeland Accountants

Contact: Derek Mitchell
Mob: 07737 422731
e-mail: [email protected]

Language for Fun with Rachel         French & Spanish Classes for Adults

Contact: Rachel Brown,  23 Lexden Road,  CO6 3BT
Mob: 07772 918 097
e-mail: [email protected]

Leisure Hire  Marquees

Contact: Mark Goodwin Tel: 01206 242 196
e-mail: [email protected]
web: leisurehiremarquees.co.uk

Lisa McCallum        Manicure & Pedicure

Contact: Lisa McCallum,  11 Maltings Park Rd,  CO6 3SG
Mob: 07897 663639
web: lisamccallum.co.uk
Facebook: Lmanipedi
e-mail: [email protected]

Little Monster Lodges              Small animal boarding

Man vs Weeds            Gardening

Contact:  Jacqui Rowing     Old Church Lane
Tel: 01206 243715
Mob: 07484 275703
e-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/ian.rowing

Contact: Olly Law    3 Moss Way,  CO6 3LJ
Mob: 07944 147222
e-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: manvsweeds

MAP General Builders

Contact: Mark Spellar   25 Pirie Road,   CO6 3TA
Tel:  01206 242291
Mob: Mark Spellar  07860 199536  & Peter Holden 07877 133273

Montrose Carpentry

Contact: Ian Dickson     36 New Church Road,   CO6 3JE
Tel:01206 241 458
Mob: 07887 995 807
web: montrosecarpentry.co.uk/

NISA Local

87 Colchester Road,  CO6 3JU
Tel: 01206 241803

Norhurst Landscapes    Gardens

Contact:  John Easy    Queens Rd, CO6 3HF
Tel: 01206 242 349

Oak View Ltd    Commercial Space

Contact: Paul Downer          Pattens Yard, Nayland Road CO6 3DQ
Tel:  01206 243300 & 01206 271676
e-mail: [email protected]

Oak View Landscapes

Contact: Paul Downer        Pattens Yard, Nayland Road CO6 3DQ
Tel:  01206 243300 & 01206 271676
web: oakviewlandscapes.co.uk
e-mail: [email protected]

Peter Murphy      Physiotherapist

Contact: Peter Murphy       3,Rookery Cottages, Nayland Road    CO6 3DG
Tel: 01206 272 503
Mob: 07717 362 916
e-mail: [email protected]

Ponder Construction Building Contractors

Contact: Nigel Ponder    Unit1, Fiddle De Dee, The Crescent.  CO6 3DA
Tel: 01206 240 141
Mob: 07768 000 110
web: ponderconstruction.co.uk

Post Office

Chapel Road  W.B.   CO6 3JB
Tel: 01206 240 355

Queens Head    Public House

Contact: Lisa Marie Barlow     Queens Road,   CO6 3HE
Tel: 01206 240 3944
email: [email protected]

Queens Head Tandoori Restaurant & Takeaway

Queens Road  ,   CO6 3HE
Tel: 01206 243 373
web: queenstandooricolchester.co.uk

Richard Gray   Structural Engineer

Contact: Richard Gray      Hall Barns, WB
Tel:01206 243 588

Robert Forsythe Painter & Decorator

Tel: 01206 561 261
Mob: 07751 018 008

Scarletts Quality Plants Mainly wholesale of subtropical plants (e.g. Citrus & Olives)

Contact:  Andrew Creswell        Nayland Road   CO6 3DQ
Tel: 01206 240466
Mob: 07802 784750
web:  scarletts.co.uk
e-mail: [email protected]

Scissorhands     Hair Salon

117  Chapel Road   CO6 3HA
Tel: 01206 242 177

SmoothTune Ltd               BMW Specialist

Contact: Mick         55 Colchester Road,  CO6 3JQ
Tel: 01206 241 162
web: smoothtunecolchester.co.uk
email: [email protected]

Springwood Sun Club

Cooks Hall Road,    CO6 3EY
web: springwoodsunclub.co.uk
e-mail: [email protected]

S.T Carpentry Contractor

40 New Church Road    CO6 3 JE
Tel: 01206 242 240
Mob: 07770 845 660
web: stcarpentry.co.uk
email: [email protected]

Tamarisk Builders Ltd      Builder

Contact:  Alistair Hall   Tamarisk, Mumford Close    CO6 3HY
Tel:01206 241 500
Mob: 07770 797185

Tarrant Electrical Ltd

Contact:  Bradley Tarrant
Mob: 07584 663015
e-mail: [email protected]

TMH Media                       Marketing

Contact:  Emily Miller         Scarletts Chase Offices, Scarletts Chase, CO6 3DH
Tel: 01206 262823
web: tmhmedia.co.uk
e-mail:  [email protected]

The Tree & Lawn Company

Contact: Peter Cannon
Tel: 01206 243 484
Mob: 07775 762 242
email: [email protected]
facebook: TreeAndLawnCompany

Victoria’s Beauty Spot & Aesthetics

Contact: Victoria Nowak         Church Cottage, Hall Road, CO6 3DU
Mob:  07411 875434
email: [email protected]
web:  facebook.com/victoriasbeautyspot20/
Supporting the Stroke Association

Waterfords Bathroom Specialist

Contact: Martin Flukes     Rosaville, White Hart Lane,  CO6 3
Tel: 01206 240 644
Mob: 07779 637 282
web: waterfordsbathrooms.co.uk

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