Environment & Highways – 9th March 2023

The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 9th March 2023 with topics including:

  • installation of new signs,
  • Parking,
  • Potential vandalism of signs in School Road,
  • Great British Spring Clean,
  • Problems entering the MUGA/Tennis Courts.

Environment Committee Minutes

Meeting held on Thurs 9th March 2023 at 5.00pm in SC Mtg Rm & on Zoom

Members present:John Gili-Ross (JGR) (via Zoom) – Chair, Harry Stone (HS), James Owers (JO), Manya Barrow (MB) and David Short (DS)
Apologies:Katie Pulford (KP)

1.   Handyman Report

The new signs in Mumford Close area have been installed but the height of them may be excessive and this matter will be addressed by the handymen in approx. six weeks when personnel have returned.

The new sign on the Heath has been installed and the wood treated.

Problems have developed with the starter pulley on the mower. JGR to resolve these with the service centre on his return.

The artificial turf adjacent to the practice goal on the Lorkin Daniell Field has become damaged due to wear and tear and presents a trip hazard. The cost of repair is estimated to be £150, and it was agreed that IB-C be detailed to carry out the work ASAP under delegated powers.

2.   Ponds

No further works to be carried out at present. All ponds to be kept under review.

3.   Land at the junction of Armoury Rd. and Colchester Rd

A resident brought to the attention of the Parish Council that the area was being used by unknown persons for car parking resulting in the land being degraded. This has been a recurring problem over time and it was agreed that DS and JO would investigate possible solutions including tree planting and fencing. Additionally, it was agreed that the PC would try to ascertain the identities of the vehicle owners.

4.   Signs along School Rd

Two signs were reported as having fallen off their mountings. In fact, it appears they were deliberately vandalised. Both will be reinstated by the handymen.

5.   Great British Spring Clean

It was agreed that the WB Litter Warriors would be engaged to carry out a litter pick on Sat 25th March. It is understood that the Clerk will arrange the details.

6.   MUGA/Tennis Court Entrance

Difficulties have been experienced by MUGA users in opening the gate. It was agreed that this would be investigated, and a new sliding lock would be introduced.

7.   Date of next meeting

The next Environment Committee meeting is Thurs 13th April, at 5pm in the SC Meeting Room.

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