Environment & Highways – 14th September 2023

An AI generated image depicting taking care of the environment

The Environment & Highways Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 14th September 2023 with topics including:

  • The CCC proposal for a management company to look after the Armoury Road maintenance,
  • Progress on dealing with ‘advisories’ from the recent ROSPA playground inspection,
  • Discussion on attendance at a Heath Conservation course,
  • Future provisions for ponds maintenance,
  • Progress of the Mayor’s Oaks on Poor’s Land,
  • Discussion on ‘No Parking’ banners, possible application for planning approval and portable signs.

Environment Committee Minutes

Meeting held on Thurs 14th September 2023 at 5.00pm in SC Mtg Rm

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Essex Waste Strategy

Essex Waste Strategy 2023

Essex Waste Strategy Flyer

If you already know what you want to say then jump to the how to respond section.

Councils across Essex are working together to develop a new Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy for the next 30 years. They developed the previous strategy in 2007, and much has changed since then, including the significant climate change challenge that we now face.

Waste management is a major contributor to climate change, accounting for about 4% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. Improving environmental efficiency by making different choices about how we collect and treat waste will help reduce these emissions. Waste prevention can also deliver benefits by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in other sectors, such as agriculture, transport and manufacturing.

New Strategy

The new strategy will focus on the following key elements:

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Garden Waste Collections to Change

Colchester Changes Garden Waste Collections

Garden Waste Collection - AI generated image in style of Constable

From January 2024 Colchester City Council will be charging for Garden Waste collections. With ever-reducing government support and increasing costs, CCC are having to look elsewhere to raise revenue to maintain services. You will still be able to dispose of garden waste at  Colchester’s Household Recycling Centres, and the City Council will also work to encourage other options such as composting.

You will no longer be able to use the current Garden sacks, but you can choose between 140L and 240L wheelie bins instead. If you already have a wheelie bin you can continue to use it but will still have to pay. If you want to return an existing, bin the City Council will make provision to receive them.


The new service will require you to pay £35 to register for the service plus £55 per year per bin – a household can have up to 4 bins. You can get more details from CCC’s website.

Find out about current rubbish & recycling on our website here.

Autumn Fruits Walk

Find out about local Autumn Fruits

A selection of the autumn fruits you are likely to see on the walk

Steve Hallam will lead a guided walk at Hillhouse Wood on Saturday 23rd September to seek out autumn fruits. Join him and you can expect to learn about local berries, soft fruits, nuts & seeds. He will let you know which ones to eat, and which ones you definitely need to leave alone. You will also hear the folklore associated with them. You can reasonably expect to see around 20 different varieties.

Previous years have revealed a pleasing quantity of late flowers as well. On one recent Autumn Fruits walk, walkers saw hundreds of:

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Bike Theft on the Increase

Bike Theft on the Increase – How can you protect yours?

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Bike theft in the Colchester area increased by 26% over the past month. Although the figures for bikes stolen from West Bergholt/Eight Ash Green remain low (only one theft last month) please remain vigilant and make sure that you keep your bike secure at all times.

Below are a few reminders of how you can reduce the risk of having your bicycle stolen.

1. Locks

A high-quality robust lock is the first line of defence. Choose one that is made of hardened steel that cannot be easily cut or broken, avoid flimsy cable locks that are easy to cut. Also try using multiple locks of different types to make it more challenging for thieves.

2. Securing at home

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Solar Panels & Batteries

Solar Panels & Battery System for the Orpen Memorial Hall complex

Orpen Hall


The Orpen Memorial Hall was on an electricity tariff that was due to end in September 2022.  The replacement electricity contract would result in a 4-fold increase in the unit cost. Our task was to see how we could reduce the financial impact and improve the sustainability of the Hall.


To install a solar panel and battery system paid for by a grant.

The Process

We were aware that our 2-year fixed rate deal would soon be ending. We, therefore, started getting system quotes and looking around for potential grant sources earlier in the year. 

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Tree Survey Results in Decision to Fell 2 Trees

The Oak Tree to be felled is on The Heath in front of Heathlands School
The Oak Tree on the Heath by Heathlands School

Recently West Bergholt Parish Council commissioned an independent Arboriculturist to undertake a tree survey. The aim of the tree survey was to assess the Wellbeing & Safety of trees under the Council’s care. This initiative stemmed from the Council’s regular review of the buildings and grounds under its management.

The Council invited quotes for the task and were pleased that a Local Business, the Tree & Lawn Company (TLC), offered the most competitive, and timely (outside of school hours), quote to carry out the work. Subsequently, the Arboriculturist surveyed the trees at Lorkin Daniell Playing Field, The Heath, Poors Field and the Allotments. They had the task of investigating signs of declining health, dead or broken branches, decay, or fungus, etc.

Reported in June

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New Accessible Toilet at Orpen Hall/Daniel Lorkin Field

The opening of the new outside Accessible Toilet at Orpen Hall

West Bergholt’s Orpen Hall/Daniel Lorkin Field boasts excellent facilities, now including a brand-new external Accessible Toilet catering for all. The toilet is designed with ramps and accessible features, and it even provides baby changing facilities for added convenience. Visitors can access the toilet during daylight hours.

Hub of Activity

The field is a hub of activity, frequently used by West Bergholt Football Teams with their enthusiastic spectators. Fitness Instructors also conduct workouts and bootcamps here, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, other onsite amenities, such as Tennis Courts, Children’s Play area, and Zip Line, offer other active opportunities.

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Vocal Zones ‘End-of-Term’ Update

End-of-Term Summer 2023

Vocal Zones at their Coronation Concert in St Mary's Church features in their 'end-of-term' report.

Vocal Zones Choir looked back on their two concerts at their end-of-term session in July. Jacqui from Vocal Zones reports:

Christmas & Mulled Wine

A big thank you to all those who turned out to support our Christmas concert in December.

Sea of Scarfs & Hats

Unfortunately, the heating system in the church wasn’t working on the evening of the concert. Consequently, as we looked out on our audience, all we could see was a sea of hats, scarfs and coats. We really did appreciate everyone’s support that evening. Regardless of the cold we all had a lovely evening, singing our hearts out to combat the chill and then drinking our mulled wine to keep warm and enjoying our mince pies.

Coronation Concert

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Abbey Road come to the Orpen Hall

Dance to Beatles Tribute Act – Abbey Road

The Friends of St Mary’s Old Church are hosting a dance with Abbey Road on Saturday 16th September. Tickets will cost £12.50 with doors opening at 7:30pm. Bring your own food & drink.

The money raised from this event with go towards restoring the Mediaeval Paintings found during the church’s redecoration.

There will also be a raffle and a short auction. pc.gov.uk

How to book

You can buy tickets by contacting any of the following:

Penny L – 07940 546646
Penny C – 07941 946410
[email protected]

About Abbey Road

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