Traffic Safety Update – Parking Edition

Parking restrictionsTraffic Safety Update – Parking Edition

A burning issue on many folk’s minds right now is parking – in particular near the village shop and school.  In order to maintain safety for pedestrians, and other road users, markings on the road and signs on lampposts are intended to give clarity.  This isn’t about convenience, it is about legality of parking!

Never ever park where you see these in the village:

Double Yellow Lines - Parking Restriction

Only park here outside the times specified on the sign:

Please note the enforcement authorities treat parking on zebra crossing markings differently to those on yellow lines.  Parking on yellow lines is a civil offence and you could be given a fixed penalty notice and asked to pay a fine.  Parking on zebra crossing markings has an additional risk since it is also a traffic offence and may result in points on your licence.


Trygve and the Traffic Safety Group

Many people in the village are now actively monitoring examples of poor practice and reporting information on the Trygve App.  Why not add this app and join the ‘West Bergholt Road Violations’ group; you can then add your own contributions.  Members are also provided with notices to place on windscreens of vehicles parked illegally.

The Traffic Safety Group recently hosted a Saturday morning workshop to look into improved safety around the village; about thirty village residents attended.  The development of a new Village Safety Plan will take into account the findings from this event.

(You can read Traffic Safety Group’s recent meeting notes here).

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