Environment & Highways – 9th March 2017

Environment & Highways – 9th March 2017

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 9th March and discussed a range of issues including tree survey, allotments, zone wardens, handymen, flooding, storage & benches.

Environment & Highways Report

Sub-committee Meeting held on Thursday 9th March 2017 in Orpen Hall

Sub-committee members present John Gili-Ross, Philip Spencer, Harry Stone, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow, Janet Crichton
Apologies None



Items from last meeting

 a) Hole in Poor’s field – closed off
 b) Bollards at the entrance to the school will be dealt with in the winter.
 c) Duck house at Queen’s Road pond to be repaired.
 d) Benches for LD Field. Janet has researched and found suitable benches. Need to establish how they will be fixed in the ground. Proposed to order 2. Jan C
 e) Flooding in Albany Close – John and the 2 handymen have worked hard to clear the ditch and reduce the flooded area. This is now dammed and draining. A pump will be required to empty it. Suggest a letter is sent to local homes to request that no waste is put into the ditch as it clogs it up. Laura
 f) Storage facilities – the garages are being sorted out, particularly the Orpen Players store. A garage is needed for storage of the handymen equipment.


Handymen work

 a) Toilets in Orpen Hall need attention.
 b) Ditch in New Church Road and School Road need clearing.
 c) Roof of Orpen Hall needs attention.
 d) Flooring by kitchen in Orpen Hall needs attention.
 e) More tools will be required and a hedge trimmer.
 f) Wood from fallen trees needs shredding a trailer & a tow bar is needed for the car – Phil to investigate trailer & Steil power pack – John to investigate tow bar. PS & JGR
 g) Propose to apply for a CIF revenue grant towards funding the handymen work.



Repair to fencing to be carried out by David.

A grant has been acquired from CBC to set up a stall in the summer.


Village tree survey.

Phil has agreed to carry out this task with knowledge from JGR to construct a map of our trees. We need a register of tree assets PS


Zone Wardens

Laura has had a message from the zone wardens – Do we want notices put up “Don’t let your dog mess here”? Propose we have some down New Church Road. Laura

Date of next meeting – Thursday 13th April 2017 at 5pm in Orpen Hall.

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