Traffic Safety Plan Group Meeting – 2nd February

Traffic Safety Plan Group Meeting – 2nd February

The Traffic Safety Plan Group met on 2nd February and continued discussions on a range of actions and initiatives including trygve, yellow lines, parking opportunities, clearer signs/roadside furniture and progress on the upcoming workshop event on 25th February.

West Bergholt Traffic Safety Plan Group

Notes of meeting held on Thursday 2nd February 2017

Members present:- Lewis Barber, Chris Stevenson, Harry Stone Gemma Ross, Jenny Church, Jeffrey Martin


Apologies:- Brian Jarvis, Rob Turner


Actions from last meeting:-

a)     Chris will organise to download a map from TRYGVE on which the problem areas are identified. A map will also be needed for power point presentation at the workshop.

b)    Rob Turner has agreed to be a representative from the school for this group.

c)     Fallen leaves covering up yellow lines – ask Laura about sweeping request to CBC but independently Lewis agreed to raise with CBC’s street cleansing team.

d)    Cleaning and repainting of Zebra crossing poles – Ask Laura /Anne Browne re contacting Highway Rangers.

e)     Laura has ordered 4 banners as warning signs – to be attached to Parish Council land (allotment fence), Co-op railings, School/Church land. Harry to talk to Co-op re placing one their railings and to engage the handymen to do the work.

f)      The school have another banner from Safer Essex that they are proposing to put up along the fencing at the entrance to the school building. They also have 100 leaflets that they will distribute to parents.

g)     A leaflet is being designed for handing out at the co-op to advertise the Workshop on Feb 25th (Gemma).

h)    Post meeting note, the VAS has been inspected and there is an electrical connection issue; if it is to be fixed this year it will need to be funded by the PC, initial cost £180 to find out what is actually wrong; action Chris to raise with the PC.


Social Media

More instances of poor parking have been added to TRYGVE. This app has been promoted via an item on the village web site already.


Pharmacy Vans

There have been problems with the Pharmacy van obstructing parking areas in front of the Pharmacy. Harry has talked to Nick, the pharmacist, and it has been arranged that the van will park in front of the gates that lead to the rear of the pharmacy. Nick has also agreed to talk to Mr Patel about use of the rear area at the back of the Pharmacy.


Workshop Event

The workshop will be on Saturday 25th February at 11am to 1pm. We have access to the JL Hall from 10.30.

Leaflets to advertise the event will be handed out at the co-op on Saturday 18th February.

Propose that Anne Brown will be the keynote speaker and welcome those present. Lewis Barber will chair the event Jenny to approach Laura to invite Anne).

Chris will arrange an agenda for the morning.

There will be a short slide show set out the morning with issues and problems for information.

Propose setting up 4 groups to discuss objectives and solutions.

“Post-its” can be used to show ideas.

Organise to have a tea/coffee break.

Invitations to be sent to specific groups as noted in last minutes (Jenny to speak to Laura about sending out the invites).

Newsletter will be put out in the village (Jenny) and sent to village organisations.


Greensward opposite Ash Store

Notices have been placed by Laura on windscreens of cars parking here.

Suggest put small notices at edge of area stating “no parking”. This needs further discussion.


Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 21st February 2017 at 7.30pm in the White Hart.
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