Neighbourhood Plan Makes Progress

NP Contents Page show how the group forges aheadNeighbourhood Plan Makes Progress

The Neighbourhood Plan meeting that took place earlier this month resulted in much progress with an almost completed first draft plan.  The picture on the right shows the Contents page to give some idea of what to expect when the final report is published (click on it for larger picture).

You will notice that a lot of the the section headings have blank ‘App Buttons’ and, since the plan will impact the children’s future, the NP group are running a competition for the pupils at Heathlands to design what the blanks should be filled in with.

There are 8 categories and these are listed below, there will be a winner and a prize selected for each App Button.  The Categories are:

Example of what the 'App Button' could look like for Housing & Planning
Example of what the ‘App Button’ could look like for Housing & Planning
  • Housing and Planning
  • Business and Commerce
  • Village Social and Community
  • Environment
  • Transport
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Community Safety
  • Communications

Download the entry form:


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