WEA – Weather & Climate Course

The WEA are running a special early summer course this year and everyone is invited to a series of six lectures on ‘Weather and Climate’ by an old friend of the WEA, Adrian Wright.

The weather is an enduring topic of conversation and a subject for newscasters. This course aims to look into the topic in greater depth and will include collecting weather data, origins of weather patterns which affect Britain, better understanding of forecasts, and a look at tropical climates.

The course starts on Tuesday 1st April at 8.00 pm in the Methodist Hall in Chapel Lane. Standard fee £24 Concessions £20.40.

If uncertain whether this is for you, come and sample the first evening for free with no obligation. For further info. ring the WEA Secretary on 01206 240791.

This material has been developed for the West Bergholt Village Website at http://www.westbergholt.net
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