Your Village Bulletin Needs You!

Your Village Bulletin need you - Kitchener 50p
Your Village Bulletin Needs You!

Your Village Bulletin Needs You!

OK, it’s not 2014 any more but that memorable image of Lord Kitchener pointing his finger lingers, especially since it now graces a 50p coin.

So, since I’ve been webmaster for the village I have posted over 30 editions of the Village Bulletin online which ensures that there is a live archive, but what about those paper copies you receive through your doors?  What about the energy that goes into creating them in the first instance?  This is all down to the hard work of a small group of committed individuals creating and distributing the bulletin, they are now after some local support:

Banner of the West Bergholt Village BulletinWe are looking for a new Committee member to join the existing group but who will also be able to get involved and organise bundling of the Bulletins to give to the distributors each quarter and to organise holiday cover and find new distributors as and when required.
Please contact Bernard Colbron 240297.

I hope you are able to lend your support on this,
Dave, (webmaster).

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