Are you living with slow Internet speeds?

Slow Internet?

Slow internet connection
Got this?
Fast internet connection
But want this?

Between them Essex County Council (ECC), HMG and BT are prepared to invest nearly £25m improving internet access speeds in those areas of Essex most needing it, their objective is to see minimum download speeds of 2Mbps.  To date only a small proportion or our village is connected to high speed broadband and the remaining residents are living life very much in the slow lane.  If you want to see a share of this £25m delivered to your door then you need to register your concerns because based on the current low-level of response (0.5% of West Bergholt households)  Superfast Essex will not reach us until at least 2016!

What you should do…

Take a speed test to see just how slow your ‘fast lane’ is – try this link –

Superfast Broadband LogoNext register your interest in high-speed broadband on a special website set up by the ECC/BT Superfast Essex project at

You can also call or send an email to BT’s Regional Manager for East of England, Annette Thorpe, (contact 020 7778 5853 or [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”]), explaining why you feel West Bergholt should be a priority – you might want to make comment about how close we are to Colchester homes receiving much faster service and that incremental costs of adding West Bergholt should be relatively manageable for them under their BDUK contract.

Finally, you can also contact County Broadband, after all they came here when BT wouldn’t, and give them an incentive to consider further investment in upgrading the service we receive, by calling 0845 686 5000.

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