New NHS Hearing Aid Service

NE Essex CCG issue news of speedier hearing aid serviceLocally NE Essex NHS will be introducing a new Hearing Aid service with shorter waiting times and more local access for people over 50 suffering gradual hearing loss.

From June 2nd people in Tendring and Colchester will be able to get their assessment and, if needed, hearing aids fitted in less time as a “one stop” service.  At the moment patients sometimes have to wait for several weeks for appointments due to increasing demand and have to come in to Colchester Hospital.

New hearing (audiology) patients will be referred by their GP to the new NHS Community Audiology Service where they can go to clinics at surgeries and clinics locally (see list below). Patients will be assessed for the degree and nature of any hearing loss, and they can then have state-of-the-art free hearing aids fitted there and then if they wish. Those patients already being treated through the Hospital will continue their treatment there, but only new patients who are not medically suitable for the community services will in future be referred to the Hospital.

Dr. Sonica Goel, clinical lead for the project at NE Essex CCG, said: “This new service is a significant improvement for audiology patients now and in future. It costs the NHS roughly the same as the current service, but will offer faster, more responsive and convenient services for patients. It is part of the CCG’s overall approach – getting as much treatment “closer to home” for people as possible, and so freeing up the Hospital to do more of what has to be done in a high-tech acute hospital. All the hearing aids are the best in the business, and of course because this is an NHS service, they are all free to the patient.”

The new North East Essex new NHS Community Audiology Service will be run by GP Care and Scrivens Hearing Care and is now accepting GP referrals. Patients can choose between the two providers, each of whom offers a choice of clinics at several locations:

GP Care UK

Telephone Number: 0800 088 3104
Email Address: [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”]


  • Abbey Field Medical Centre, Colchester
  • Bluebell Surgery, Colchester
  • Castle Gardens Medical Centre, Colchester
  • Creffield Medical Centre, Colchester
  • Shrub End Surgery, Colchester
  • Crusader Surgery, Clacton, Tendring
  • CVS Tendring, Clacton, Tendring
  • Great Bentley Surgery, Tendring

Scrivens Ltd

Telephone Number: 0800 085 0372
Email Address: [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”]


  • Direkt Optik, Colchester
  • Highwoods Square, Colchester
  • Mill Road Surgery, Colchester
  • Wimpole Surgery, Colchester
  • Dedham Vale Community Health Centre, Colchester
  • Rayner Opticians, Harwich
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