Entertaining Angels …

Original cast from Chichester production
with Penelope Keith

… by Richard Everett is the Orpen Players’ spring production between 12th -14th May. This comedy is based around Grace, a clergyman’s wife, who upon his (Bardolph’s) death breaks her strait-laced character to do and say exactly as she pleases:

‘I’ve made four thousand six hundred medium-sized quiches and personally baked two tons of short crust pastry. And for what?’

The return of her eccentric missionary sister Ruth, together with some disturbing revelations, however, force Grace to confront the truth of her marriage. This show is full of sharp-edged comedy and probing wit.

Tickets will soon be available on-line, in the meantime they can be bought from Ash’s Store, Colchester Road, West Bergholt, by calling Roger Milne on 01206 241048 or you can take a chance and pay on the door.
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