Climate Emergency Working Party Terms of Reference

Climate Emergency Working Party Terms of Reference

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These terms of reference were adopted by the Council on 27/03/24, Minute Ref. 24/46b.

For review annually.

Purpose of the Working Party

On the 26th of January 2022 (item 22/10) West Bergholt Parish Council declared a Climate Emergency and a Working Party was established to identify activities that could be undertaken and/or supported by the Parish Council. The Working Party include the following responsibilities:

  • To make recommendations to the Council/Trusts to help ensure its own activities are aiming towards net zero (e.g. buildings, staff practices, travel policies, directly provided services).
  • To recommend any relevant Climate Action grant opportunities to the Parish Council.
  • To create a simple Climate Action Plan for discussion and agreement by the Parish Council.
  • To engage with the local community to make local & national issues relevant and to motivate effective individual & collective responses, primarily through the website and use of the Council’s social media channels.
  • To identify any national Climate initiatives worthy of consideration by the Council.
  • To highlight and promote good practice in the local area to help raise awareness of achievable solutions.
  • To forge links with County and District councils and existing local climate action groups for a two-way exchange of ideas.
  • To engage with Heathlands Primary School, liaise with their Eco-council and promote joint projects.

The Working Party will comprise of:

  • Parish Councillors.

and seek to include:

  • Residents.
  • Representatives of local organisations.


  • The attendees at the first meeting of the newly constituted group will choose a chairperson and secretary and one Parish Councillor will be nominated to report to the Parish Council on a regular basis.
  • The group will make its recommendations to the Parish Council for discussion and final decision-making.
  • Any contracts for climate action initiatives will be awarded by the Parish Council.
  • The Working Party will meet at least twice a year.


These terms of reference shall be reviewed annually until such a time as the Working Party is no longer required.

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