Action Plan 2019-20

Council Action Plan 2019-20

Action Plan agreed at full Council meeting dated 23rd Jan 2019, Minute Ref. 19/09b.  For review annually.




Final phase of Orpen Memorial Hall re-roofingTo undertake and complete within 2019-20 financial year the re-roofing to the external sides of the main Orpen Memorial Hall building.
  • Council to agree Project Management Company.
  • Clerk to submit project to government Contracts Finder website as legally obliged by 2018 Standing Orders.
  • Clerk to undertake actions to obtain the minimum of 3 tenders and following the WBPC Financial Regulations procedure to find appropriate choice.
  • Chosen tender to be brought to next appropriate full Council meeting and ratified by PC.
  • Grant to be applied for by RFO and Clerk.
  • Budgeting required, please see agreed Three Year Plan.
Replacement Orpen Hall chairsTo replace the chairs in the Orpen Hall over a two-year period as many are damaged and others continue to fail at regular intervals.
  • Hall Users Group to investigate preferred chair options.
  • Three quotes to be obtained.
  • Premises Committee to approve choice and pass onto Finance Committee.
  • Finance to review quotes and put recommendation before next appropriate PC meeting.
  • Grants to be investigated by RFO and Clerk.
  • Budgeting required, please see agreed Three Year Plan.
  • Sale of remaining, old chairs to be investigated by Premises Committee.
Special Constable recruitmentCouncil to continue recruitment process for volunteer Special Constables to be based in the parish.
  • Clerk & Cllr Butcher to liaise with Essex Police coordinator
  • Community Safety Plan to be written and agreed by PC.
  • Budgeting – money available in reserves as currently underspent on this in Projects in 2018-19.
Tennis court repairsTo repair the damage caused to the playing surface by adjacent tree roots.
  • A combined project of the Premises & Environment Committees.
  • Environment Committee to investigate the full extent of remedial work required to tree.
  • 3 estimates required, although Environment Committee to liaise with Handymen to check how much of the work can be completed by Council.
  • Environment Committee to bring recommendation to PC.
  • Premises Committee to investigate patch repair required by tennis court surface once tree root problem solved.
  • Budgeting required, please see agreed Three Year Plan.
Welcome Pack introductionIntroduction of a guide to essential information for parish newcomers.
  • Clerk to research other parishes.
  • Communication Officer to draft document.
  • Document to be approved by PC before distribution to prime locations.
Replace damaged bollards on Heath To replace and refurbish, where necessary, the bollards around the Heath in front of Heathlands School adjacent to School Drive.
  • Environment Committee to determine the extent of the work.
  • Estimates of work to be provided.
  • Budgeting required, please see agreed Three Year Plan – to be agreed by Environment Committee if under £500.
Lorkin Daniell playground equipmentTo renovate and renew the Lorkin Daniell playground equipment over a 3-year phased period.
  • Playground Advisory Group to establish what is required and to seek quotes.
  • Quotes and plan to be provided to PC for discussion and approval.
  • Suitable grants to be obtained.
  • Equipment to be provided in three phases.
  • Budgeting required, please see agreed Three Year Plan.
Preparation for the commemoration of national events To make suitable preparations in order to enable the parish to show their appreciation on the passing of a senior member of state.
  • Premises to discuss and agree siting of flagpole by Orpen Memorial Hall.
  • Clerk to purchase flagpole and flags (cost under £100).
  • Handyman or Hall Maintenance Man to erect flagpole.
  • Plan to be written on use of flagpole.
  • PC to agree an area suitable for the laying of flowers.
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