Planning & Development Committee – 18th October 2017

Notes & Decisions of the Planning and Development Committee Meeting

Held on Wed 18th October 2017 at the John Lampon Hall at 7.30pm

Planning Committee Members: Bob Tyrrell (Chair), Brian Butcher (Vice Chair), Andrew Savage, Murray Harlow, Next meeting:

Wed 15th Nov 2017, J L Hall at 7.30pm

Apologies:  Chris Stevenson, Laura Walkingshaw (Clerk)
Members of the public present: Two
Declarations of Interest: None

It is the aim of the Parish Council to seek a high standard of design for all new developments and extensions in the Village .

Item 1:            To receive any pre-application representations regarding proposed planning applications

                   None were received

Item 2:            Current planning applications:

Location Proposal Application No. and link to CBC planning website Object / Support / Observations Decision or Recommendation Comments by Planning Committee
Roundwood, Lexden  Road, West Bergholt, CO6 3BX Demolition of existing dwelling and associated outbuildings, to allow for the erection of 2 no. new dwellings and garages. 170994 Support Decision The Parish Council has no comment.
87 Albany Road, West Bergholt, CO6 3LD Proposed alterations to existing dwelling. 172564 Observation Decision Albany Road is an interesting and eclectic mix of house and bungalows built over the past 80 years. The Parish Council feel this is a missed opportunity to improve the property. Whilst we are not against the principle of a first floor extension to the bungalow together with a single storey side extension, we wish to make the following observations:

  • As the property is in a prominent location on the junction of Albany Road and Erle Harvard Road, we are concerned at the overall proportions of the proposals.
  • The front elevation is uninspiring, the first floor window is small and lost in a sea of render with a similar effect caused by a large area of render on the rear elevation.
  • The elevation to Earl Harvard is again a large area of render and roof tiles. There needs to be some articulation to break up this mass? We therefore believe that the above matters should be addressed so that the  proposals result in elevations with smaller expanses of render.
  • As there were no street scenes provided we were unable to compare the proposals with both the adjacent building and the one on the other side of Erle Harvard Road.
  • Therefore, the Parish Council feel that the proposal should not be approved as currently designed.
Whitehouse Farm, Whitehouse Lane, West Bergholt, CO6 3EW Proposed new rear extension, dormers, detached garage and carport along with a widended vehicular access onto Whitehouse Lane. New screen planting. 172025   Recommendation Due to the lateness of this application, the Planning Committee were unable to determine the changes in the revisions and will therefore discuss at next week’s Parish Council meeting.

Item 3:            Other matters:

a) Review Planning Decisions:

Planning decisions unable to be reviewed as Clerk not in attendance. Will be added to next month’s item 3.

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