Planning & Development Committee – 21st December 2016

Notes & Decisions of the Planning and Development Committee Meeting

Held on Wed 21st December 2016 at the John Lampon Hall at 7.30pm

Planning Committee


Bob Tyrrell (Chair), Brian Butcher (Vice Chair), Murray Harlow, Andrew Savage, Chris Stevenson, Phil Cook & Laura Walkingshaw (Parish Clerk) Next meeting:

Wed 18th Jan 2017 in the J L Hall

Apologies:  None
Members of the public present: 2 Members of the Public
Declarations of Interest: None

It is the aim of the Parish Council to seek a high standard of design for all new developments and extensions in the Village .

Item 1:  To receive any pre-application representations regarding proposed planning applications

Item 2:  Current planning applications:

Location Proposal Application No. and link to CBC planning website Object / Support / Observations Decision or Recommendation Comments by Planning Committee
83 Colchester Rd, West Bergholt, CO6 3JU Rear Extension 162950 Support Decision The Parish Council has no comment.
149 Chapel Road West Bergholt, CO6 3EZ Proposed extension and alterations to existing dwelling with increased ridge height and relocation of access point onto highway. 162858 Object Decision The Parish Council are not against development on this site, but feel the design is out of scale with the surrounding buildings. The drawing does not show what part of the building is to be retained. So for all intents and purposes, this is a 100% new dwelling and the Borough Council’s policy therefore dictates the need for a street scene. The current plans contravene DG3, DG7 and DG8 of the CBC Approved Village Design Statement. The garden appears to be a smaller than the Borough Council recommended size for a four-bedroom house i.e. 100m2 (the site is only 280m2 in total). The parking is less than CBC standards and will require vehicles to reverse onto a main road.
St Marys Church, Hall Road, West Bergholt Various roof repairs: re-lead of the central valley gutter, reinstatement of lead lights to one of the dormer windows in the south-slope of the nave roof, and introduction of a lead-lined chute to the east-end of the valley gutter. 163019 Support Decision The Parish Council would defer to the Borough Council’s policies on repairs to Listed Buildings, however it would support anything that helps to maintain the life of such a historic local building.
42 Albany Road, West Bergholt, CO6 3LD Front porch extension and alterations (following approval under 122170– now completed) 163130 Support Decision The Parish Council has no comment.

Item 3. Other matters:

  1. Review Planning Decisions
  • 162598 – Lower House, Chitts Hill – Approved Conditional
  • 162685 – Patterns Yard, Nayland Rd – Approved Conditional
  • 162704 – Horsepits Farm, Cooks Hall Rd – Approved Conditional
  • 162672 – The Old Rectory, Cooks Hall Rd – Approved Conditional



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