Environment & Highways Report – 12th May 2016

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 12th May and discussed a range of issues including Youth Football, MUGA Benches, Parking, Storage, Handymen & ongoing actions.

Environment & Highways Report

Sub-committee Meeting held on Thursday 12th May 2016

Sub-committee members present John Gili Ross, Jenny Church, Harry Stone, Murray Harlow, Phil Spencer, David Short




Members met on the LD Field to discuss proposals arising from meeting with Brian Butcher, Murray Harlow and Mick Bell from WBFC. The current suggestion is to set in a small practice area at the east end at the bottom of the LD Field. The area would need to be cleared more to allow the pitch to be sited and leave space away from the main pitch. All members were in agreement with this. It was agreed that Murray would act as deputy to present these proposals to the PC meeting this month. MH


Benches by MUGA

It was agreed that 2 benches could be sited on LD field between Football pitch and the MUGA for spectators. John proposed that a bench by the playground area could be used as one of the two as long as it was able to be moved. Some of the cost for the benches would be donated by BYG. For discussion at next PC meeting. HS


Clerks Report

a)   The hole by the side entrance to Heathlands School from New Church Road has been filed by Anglia Water.
b)   Cutting back required for laurel hedging along Colchester Road opposite village sign and roundabout is awaited. Laura will monitor this situation.
c)    Large pothole at entrance to Armoury Road causing problems. Laura to follow this up with ECC. LW
d)   Dangerous parking by corner of Armoury Road. Suggest that Laura contacts the Local Highways Panel. LW
e)   Parking on greensward opposite Ash’ store – Laura to ask Dennis Willets regarding how to deal with this problem. LW
f)     Overhanging hedges at 143 Chapel Road need attention. Laura to follow this up in August when bird-nesting season is over. LW
g)    Vehicle Activated Sign in Lexden Road not working. Fault has been reported to the manufacturer by Street Lighting and we are awaiting approval for funding. LW
h)   Tree by 42 New Church Road is now safe.
i)     Tree on Heath overhanging New Church Road that was damaged by bus is under review. LW
j)    Drainage issue outside 34 Lexden Road has been reported to ECC and Anne Brown has been informed. LW
k)    Litter Picking once a month has continued. Next litter pick to be planned for Sat 11th June. LW & JC



Harry reported that most plot rentals are in now. The new equipment is being well used. HS


Considerate Parking scheme

Harry will plan another session at school opening and closing time to monitor inconsiderate / illegal parking. HS



The beacon will be refurbished and returned to site by Village sign. JGR


Handyman work

All work has been carried out by David and Matt very efficiently. The main stem of the cherry tree at the rubbish store area will need to be removed.

Some of the Flagstones at the side entrance to JL Hall are loose and need refilling. There is also a plan to paint the edges of the flagstones as a warning sign to prevent anyone tripping.  Both jobs can be completed by our handymen



Storage Facilities

There was much discussion regarding the siting of a Storage facility. John thought the area by the rubbish store would be appropriate. Philip, Harry and Jenny would only be agreeing with this if some detailed plans were available to view. Murray then came up with a new proposal to use the area behind the Football Club House. It was not possible to make any decision on the whole issue and more details need sharing with the whole Parish Council.


Community Day of Action Autumn 2016 has been proposed.

Application has been completed and Laura will be asked to submit our bid. JC&LW
Date of next meeting – Thursday 9th June 2016 (time to be confirmed.) in JL Hall.
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