Premises & Recreation – 2nd May 2016

Premises & Recreation – 2nd May 2016

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 2nd May when, among other items, they discussed asbestos, licences, Poors Land, bollards, MUGA, Orpen Hall toilets, storage and BHYFC.

Premises & Recreation Minutes

Sub-committee meeting held on Monday 2nd May 2016 in the John Lampon Hall

Councillors present Brian Butcher (Chair), Murray Harlow (Vice chair), Jenny Church, Harry Stone, Bob Tyrrell.

Also in attendance Victoria Beckwith-Cole (Hall Administrator)


Matters from Last Meeting



Health and Safety Questionnaire

VBC sourcing suitable course and will report back at the next meeting.



Clerks & Administrator’s Report


Bar Licence

LW has been in contact with CBC Premises Licence,  £70 is due 1st September 2016.  LW had given a copy of the Licence to BB. BB to check with Orpen Players what involvement Bernard (Social Club) has when it comes to them selling alcohol at their productions.



Hall Administrator Holiday Cover

Prior to the meeting it was discussed and agreed that Zoe, the cleaner, had agreed to cover the Hall Administrator’s holiday.



More research/investigation into cost/storage/quantity will be sought by VBC for next meeting.  BB will inform the Finance Committee of potential forthcoming expenditure once further costings were known.



Draft T&C for one-off hirers

in progress will update at next meeting.




VBC now have copies of keys for both bollards.  The yellow bollard key is yet to be out in the key box.  VBC to contact JG-R to arrange receipt of the key.




Scouts – Asbestos Survey

LW will chase the Scouts again.



Provision of ‘MUGA Spectator’ benches

Following on from last month’s meeting with BYG offer to contribute towards the benches it was agreed this would not be necessary/forthcoming.  VBC is waiting on quotes before work is instructed and benches be put in positon.  PC to agree location. POST MEETING NOTE the matter of benches will be taken forward by the Environment committee.

BB brought up the MUGA and its usage and that we should be maximising the use of it.  BB would like to know what the planning conditions for use are, if any it is thought use is at the discretion of the PC.   HS mentioned that VBC and he are on the West Bergholt Sports Facility – Advisory Group – who happen to have a meeting on 5th April and invited BB to attend, which unfortunately, he could not.  VBC confirmed that as Chairman the Minutes will be copied to BB.  To be discussed further at next month’s meeting.


Bergholt Heath Youth Football Club

BB and MH met with Mick and Terry of the West Bergholt Football Club before this meeting and BB confirmed there was an understanding on – way forward which BB will progress.  VBC confirmed that BHYFC had not come back with a list of managers to enable them to use the Orpen Hall toilets. BB


Refurbishment of Orpen Hall Toilets

Final drawings had been approved.  LW had chased three potential companies to see if they wanted to tender.  BB said the time for works to be done was from 16th July to 29th August 2016 – time is running out and may have to look at alternative companies to tender.   VBC to liaise with hirers nearer the time to notify them of the works and alternative toilets to use while works are in progress. The refurbish will not be able to be phased. BB/LW/VBC


Storage Units

a)   Orpen Players – Roger is on holiday when proposed meeting was intended and BB now has his telephone number and will liaise with Roger and HS to arrange meeting up.

b)   Bluebell – In a separate meeting Bluebells showed interest that racking could be a way forward.  MH has a potential supplier and will liaise with Jackie Leach what is required and come back at the next meeting with a design and quotes.  The PC has not yet agreed to fund.

c)    Flower Club – it was agreed that their cabinet in the garage be moved to the meeting room upstairs.  This would then leave a gap between the two garages which will need to be bricked up when the WC’s are refurbished.

d)   Environment Equipment – BB made enquiries to seek which option would be allowed by CBC to construct a new storage unit to the front left-hand corner of the carpark – unfortunately, this was not forthcoming and prior to this meeting BB had spoken with CS and it was agreed architects would be needed to draw up plans and hence obtaining a quote for the work to eventually submit to planning, but not until a pre-app had been made.




1)    Queen Elizabeth Birthday Celebrations – An accident occurred when a member of the pubic tripped over the ramp at the back of the JL Hall. BB gave VBC a suggested template accident form to implement rather than what is currently being used.  Note to Environment Committee as a starting point to paint yellow lines along the edges until a potentially suitable solution can be agreed to be sent by BB. JGR/


2)   Poors Land – VBC made BB aware of a hirer wishing to use the Poors Land for a football birthday party.  “Re-seeding” is to take place in middle May and the football pitches will not be available for use.  VBC to go back to hirer and ascertain how much of the field is required and reiterate that the football pitches are out of use but any area outside this can be used. VBC
3)   In a prior meeting with the Orpen Players it was asked if the PC could look into revising the number of seats at their productions as the size of the chairs have changed.  BB has taken this on board and after this meeting will measure and discuss this whilst the Orpen Players are using the Hall.  BB has asked VBC to look into what the fire rating is on the existing chairs. BB
4)   West Bergholt Football Club – according to the Agreement every three years the rent is reviewed.  2016 is the year and it was agreed to increase the rent from £450 to £475 and VBC to issue invoice to them. VBC
5)   Storage – All other storage hirers to be increased by 5%. VBC
Meeting closed at 8.50pm


Date of next meeting

6th June 2016 – 7.30pm John Lampon Hall


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