Premises & Recreation – 7th March 2016

Premises & Recreation – 7th March 2016

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 7th March when, among other items, they discussed health & safety, bollards, licences, lighting, Poors Land, Orpen Hall toilets and Football Clubs.

Premises & Recreation Minutes

Monday 7 March 2016 at 7.30pm in the John Lampon Hall

Councillors present Murray Harlow (Vice chair), Harry Stone and Bob Tyrrell.
Also in attendance Laura Walkingshaw (Parish Clerk)




Brian Butcher, Jenny Church and Rosemary James


Matters from Last Meeting



Orpen Hall Signage

This item is on hold at the moment and will be removed as an agenda item. Will re-visit later in the year.



Health and Safety Questionnaire – Asbestos Report/Fire Extinguish Training

The Clerk has found documents relating to asbestos in switch room, Health & Safety Fire Risk Assessments, Site Specific Risk Assessments and also a Building Survey from 1999. The Clerk has now provided these documents to BB. Await to hear from BB if sufficient.

The Hall Administrator has spoken to Bluebells and they felt a fire extinguisher handling session would benefit them. Dependant on costs there is the possibility of extending that training to the Parish Council and the heads of the various groups. VB-C to find out about costs.

The need for a clear Assembly Point was noted and a reminder needed to the various users to clarify that & general housekeeping rules prior to each event. BB & VBC to liaise to discuss.



Clerks & Administrator’s Report



Scouts – Asbestos Survey

Clerk has contacted Scouts regarding a warning notice on the area of asbestos in the Scout Hut. The Scouts have a committee meeting the week beginning 7th March. Will await reply and report back to Premises sub-committee.





Clerk still waiting to obtain copies of two left-hand bollard keys from WBFC, will hopefully pick up on Sat 12th March. Handyman has moved bicycle rack to make it more difficult to drive over the ramp onto field. Committee need to discuss MUGA bollards.

Committee agreed that the small space accessed past the MUGA bollards is not an imminent problem.




Draft T&C for one-off hirers

VBC to draft additional Terms and Conditions to one-off hirers to be signed on day of hire – to note their responsibility on the day. Item in progress.




Bar Licence & Music Licence

Clerk spoke to PRS for Music, licences are no longer issued, the only proof is the invoice & statement of payment.

Bar Licence –  Clerk has been approached by the Orpen Players concerned that the Social Club will no longer be keeping the Premises Licence for the entire building. LW to check with Social Club.




Lighting inside and out at Hall

Outside – flood lights fixed, waiting for starter motors on others.

Inside – Hall Administrator to check through internal lighting to ensure all bulbs working and all grills re-applied.




Car Parking

An email had been received from Andy Tomkins of the Pentecostal Church regarding parking on Sundays at the Hall. The Church has had difficulties finding free parking spaces of late, due to the number of Sunday matches played by WBFC. They requested that an area of the car park be cordoned off to allow five spaces to be reserved for them and ensure their children’s safety.

VB-C obtained a fixture list from WBFC, there are 11 matches a year played on Sundays from Sept – May, 3 matches left this season. It was noted that no part of the car park is cordoned off on Saturdays, when the Football Club also play and often coincides with parties occurring at 2 pm.

It was agreed by the committee that the Orpen Hall Car Park is a public car park and that the Hall does not have the staff available to approve this request. VB-C to reply to Andy Tomkins.





The Hall Administrator has found lately that both Halls are frequently booked at the same time and has suggested that each Hall should have their own set of tables. The committee were happy for her to obtain some quotes regarding this matter and then report back to them.



Poor’s Land – Countrywide

This item was already agreed at the Parish Council meeting on 24th Feb and therefore did not need to be discussed.


Bergholt Heath Youth Football Club

The committee agreed the wording on the draft T&C to BHYFC regarding the use of the Orpen Hall disabled toilet. However, following the response from BHYFC it is clear that the day needs to change to Sunday and the times from 9.30am-4.00pm. VB-C to make changes and go ahead with proposed T&C, which will be presented at the next Parish Council meeting. VB-C

Agenda Item

The committee discussed the viability of a lockable toilet being built on the Poors Land and the possibility of the PTA funding this. HS to liaise with the Headteacher, Mr Hallam when he next meets with him. HS


Refurbishment of Orpen Hall Toilets

Esposito McLean have been appointed as designers for the Orpen Hall toilet refurbishment. BT & VB-C await to hear from him regarding timescale and access to the building for measuring up.


Storage Units

The Environment sub-committee will be discussing this item on Thursday 10th March, it will then be brought back to this committee next month.



No other items were raised. Meeting closed at 8.15pm


Date of next meeting – 4th April 2016 – 7.30pm John Lampon Hall



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