Environment & Highways Report – 10th March 2016

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 14th April and discussed a range of issues including Queen’s Birthday, Parking, Wheelie Bin, Storage, Handymen & ongoing actions.

Environment & Highways Report

Minutes of Sub-Committee Meeting held on Thursday 10th March 2016 in John Lampon Hall

Councillors present John Gili-Ross, Murray Harlow, Phil Spencer, Rosemary James and David Short
Apologies Harry Stone and Jenny Church



Clerks Report

Hole in ground on school driveway still not filled in. Clerk to c/u with Anglia Water to make good site. LW
Pot hole at junction of Armoury and Colchester Roads still not fixed. Clerk to go back to ECC to reiterate position and advise P.C. will fix it at a cost to ECC. LW


Matters Arising

No matters arising


Considerate Parking Scheme

a) At the last CALC meeting JGR question effective use of NEPP wardens. It was confirmed that a warden would be happy to accompany our councillors when they next carry out a considerate parking patrol to support our scheme.
H.S to liaise with NEPP.
b) JGR has been advised 20m.p.h. zone to be implemented by May 2016.
c) Tree Work on the LD field to be signed off by MH when completed. MH
d) Wheelie bin ongoing JC
e) Matt Harkness has been appointed as the second handymen and started work this week.
f) PS has obtained 4 quotes for a ride-on mower. He recommended the purchase of a new diesel mower and the committee agreed.  His recommendation will be sent to the Finance meeting for a finance recommendation.  We may need to consider the purchase of a trailer to transport it to some areas of the village. PS



In absence of HS will be carried forward. HS


Village Handyman

Appointment made, schedule given and work will be fitted around his normal shift pattern.
Clerk to oversee budget, designated 8hrs not to be exceeded without prior consent from JGR /Clerk.
Hedges within village triangle still need to be trimmed. Clerk to send letters to following: 63 Lexden and 143 Chapel Roads reminding them of their responsibilities. LW


Storage Facilities

JGR an outline specification for the storage unit.  The committee suggested some changes, and hoped the work could be completed by local jobbing builders.  Amended specification plan to be submitted to the Finance Committee for a recommendation. JGR


Policy for use of PC vehicle



Repair of Lawn Mower

All equipment back. Lawn mower still to be repaired. Clerk to keep this under review. LW


Queens Birthday event 21st April 2016

Items to consider:

Position already identified, handyman to be responsible for sighting and mounting with help from councillors by end of March.

Practise burn planned for 14th April.

JGR to speak to Adrian Leach re use of cherry picker

DS has one pallet, which he will donate.  We need two more to ensure we have sufficient burning wood.  Paraffin will be needed.  A lighting stick will need to be manufactured.


JGR. to complete risk assessment by 1.4.2016


Clerk to obtain fire extinguishers and inform our fire insurance co.

JGR / PS to ensure fireworks are laid out in accordance with a plan and to a timed sequence.


Car park

Committee to close the car park prior to the event.

Staff needed to control the entry and exit of event vehicles from 1.30pm.


Date of next meeting – Thursday 14th April 2016 at 5pm in JL Hall,


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