Premises & Recreation – 12th March 2015

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 12th March when they discussed a range of issues affecting Orpen Hall & playing fields such as Orpen Players, Play equipment, football club and puppy training.

Premises & Recreation Report

Sub-committee meeting held on Thursday 12th March 2015 at the John Lampon Hall

Councillors present Phil Walby, Jenny Church, Rosemary James
Apologies Rachel Howard, Murray Harlow

Victoria Beckwith Cole in attendance.

1 Orpen Hall
a)     Locking chairs in main hall – still a bit of a problem – Phil to contact the suppliers. PW
b)     Hall cleaning. Deep cleaning of JL Hall to be carried out in Easter holidays. Vicky to discuss with Mike for quote. VBC
c)     Security lights at 4 corners of hall to be changed to LED.  Vicky has contacted the suppliers and this will be carried out on the 16th over a 2 day period. VBC
d)     A table top sale has been held in the Hall. Organiser will remove the adverts around the village next week. VBC
e)     A Meeting has been held with Orpen Players. Good discussion of issues. Hire cost increase for hall agreed for coming year. PW
f)      Meeting to be arranged with Bluebells to discuss issues and hire costs for coming year. PW
2 Play equipment
Quotes have been requested from “Play Equip” for repairs. Ivor to make repairs to seats etc. in Easter holidays PW
3 Film night
This planning will be on hold until May/June. Phil will arrange to discuss with Bernard about the project. PW
4 Football club
The club wishes to buy a mower. Proposal to be discussed at Finance sub-committee re financial assistance from PC. PW
5 Annual Report
Phil has prepared the annual report for this sub-committee – agreed by those present.
6 Puppy training in hall.
Some members expressed concern that this was held in the Hall where children are playing at other times. Phil said that the hall was always left clean.
7 Walls in JL Hall
The walls have been marked and scratched where the tables are pushed against the wall. Proposed to buy appropriate colour paint to cover these over. PW
8 Kitchen cutlery
Teaspoons are missing from the kitchen!! Vicky has put up notice in the kitchen to try to initiate their return. None returned yet.
Date of next meeting – to be notified
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