Environment & Highways Report – 9th June 2016

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 9th June, elected officers and discussed a range of issues including  Storage, Football needs, Village entrance, Poors Land, Handymen & ongoing actions.

Environment & Highways Report

Sub-committee Meeting held on 9th June 2016


Sub-committee members present John Gili Ross, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow, Phil Spencer
Apologies Harry Stone, David Short



Election of Officers

John Gili Ross was proposed, seconded and elected as Chair.

Philip Spencer was proposed, seconded and elected as vice chair.


Clerks report

Items 1 and 2 as on attached page. LW
Item 3 – Clerk should contact North Essex Parking Partnership re: illegal parking at Armoury Road. LW
Item 4 – as on attached page. LW
Item 5 – Drainage/flooding problem at 34 Lexden Road and in Albany Close – Clerk to follow up with Ann Brown. LW
Item 6 – as on attached page. LW
Item 7 – Problem with delivery lorries in New Church Road. Clerk to speak to delivery drivers. LW
Item 8 – Salt bags for winter – John to check if we need more salt bags. JGR
Item 9 – Bollards at the entrance to Poors Land need checking. JGR
Item 10 – Flooding in Mumford Road garage – check if CBC has attended. LW
Item 11 – Little Warriors – litter pick arranged for Sat. 11th.


Storage Facilities

Suggest a 40ft. container would be required to be sited behind Football Clubhouse. Need to ascertain cost. The area will need to be cleared and levelled. Ask Brian Butcher to investigate regarding weight and fitting of a container. To decide if a concrete base or sleepers will be needed. There will need to be a slope into a container for ease of access for equipment. An application for Cif funding to be sent in. Check with Andrew Savage regarding affordability. JGR, MH, BB, AS.


Football field

Netting and Ball stop is requested by Football Club. This committee proposes that this could be sited on the new building site and not on the Lorkin Daniell Field.


Handymen Work Schedule

Excellent work in grass/verge cutting, especially prior to visit of Village of the Year.


Poors Land

Disappointing result from reseeding of land. Propose to cut the new grass at the highest level  



Entrance to village from Colchester

Plan to improve the area by the Village sign at this site. JGR


Hover mower

A hover mower would be a very useful addition to our equipment. Proposed cost would be £499. Check with Andrew Savage re. finances. JGR. AS
Date of next meeting – Thursday 14th July 2016 at 5pm in JL Hall


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