St Mary’s Old Church – History & Concert

St Mary’s Old Church – History & Concert

The Friends of St Mary’s have two upcoming events that might prove of interest, one a visit from an expert on church history and the other an afternoon concert:

Tour of Historic Churches

On Wednesday, 29 June, respected historian John Vigar will be including St Mary’s Old Church on his Tour of Historic Churches.  The coach tour will arrive to look around and at about 2.30pm John will give a short talk.  The talk will be followed by questions and refreshments (tea/coffee, cakes, etc) provided by some of the committee.  It should be interesting to hear him speak as he is an expert on ancient churches.

John VigarJohn Vigar has been a professional historian for over thirty years, specialising in ecclesiastical history and architecture. He is the author of twelve books, including ‘Kent Churches’ and ‘Exploring Sussex Churches’ and has written several dozen church guidebooks.

After a career in academia he is now a freelance lecturer and tour leader with a wide programme of church tours in England and Wales.   He is a Trustee of a national charity The Friends of Friendless Churches and has been closely involved with many other church bodies including:

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Afternoon Concert

On Sunday 3rd July at 3pm there is a concert by the Comrie Singers, supported by the Jubilant Brass Quintet and The 4 Saxes.  Scones and cream will also be available.  Tickets are still available and you can ring 824622 to reserve and pay at the door on the 3rd.  Please come, and bring friends!

Comrie Singers

The Comrie Singers choir has been going about 5 years now. Originally formed by parents with an association to St. Mary’s School.  The derives in Comrie House, their Lower School in Lexden, where they used to rehearse but now they rehearse every second Monday at Philip Morant School, and cover all genres of music, as long as it is fun.  The Choir always welcome new members.  Not all members can read music, that is not necessary, but it does help of course.

Jubilant Brass

Jubilant Brass was formed in 2012 which was Jubilee year, hence the name. It was originally a quartet until the Tuba player joined two years ago making them a quintet.

The 4 Saxes

The 4 Saxes are a group that play at weddings and other social events, and are all members of the bands and orchestras in the area.

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