Environment & Highways – 19th July 2018

Environment & Highways – 19th July 2018

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 19th July and discussed bus shelter & cherry trees at Orpen Hall, ponds, eco survey, allotments, handymen, street furniture, the Heath and other items also raised.

Environment & Highways Report

Committee Meeting held on Thursday 19th July 2018 in John Lampon Hall

Committee members present John Gili Ross, Philip Spencer, Harry Stone, Janet Crichton, Murray Harlow, David Short, Jenny Church.
Apologies None



Items from last meeting

a) Duck House to be investigated. Handymen
b) Playground equipment – small whirly roundabout needs replacing. Costs will need recommendation of Finance Committee.  Proposal to form a Play Ground Advisory Group from interested parents John will sit in on the meeting. Assess what equipment would be useful in the future.
Form a working group to review adult exercise equipment, cost and identify location.  Publish via Face Book calling for volunteers. Poster to ask for ideas. Contact Kelly Dillaway. Check out what other villages have. David will look into this.
c) Eco survey of Heath carried out. Await the report. It was suggested that cutting areas of the Heath should be dealt with on a rotational basis. Murray and Phil will liaise to plan the cutting.
No fencing required around heather as it should survive and spread well. However, bracken will need rolling in the spring to prevent spread.
d) Ponds – David to check cost of clearing pond.
Queen’s Road pond – rats in evidence – Laura to contact CBC Pest control and local pest control.
e) Training courses for new warden Laura to organise. Protective clothing to be ordered. Laura
f) Storage unit – Cement run up to be done. Storage area for salt needs to be in place by September.  Store area for bins needs erecting.


Handymen – work update.

  All work is progressing as per What’s App.
There is a leak again at the drain by the New Church Road side entrance.
This area has been bollarded for safety reasons.



  “Open Gardens” event very successful – 200 visitors through the allotments.
No bonfires at the moment due to hot, dry weather.
There are 6/7 allotments waiting to be taken on.
Propose to increase rents for next year by 5%


Bus shelter opposite Orpen Hall.

  Bus company has accepted liability and insurance will fund a new shelter.  Three quotes required – propose same style. Propose the shelter to be sited further from the kerb to prevent future problems. The shelter has been shielded with orange tape and warning notices re risks in place.  If it becomes dangerous -Insurers will pay if it needs taking down.


Cherry Trees at front of Orpen Hall

  The trees are still growing and are not unsafe. They should be left in situ.


Street furniture

  Laura is organising for all street furniture to be cleaned including bus shelters and street signs.


30mph signs on Bures Road

  Need straightening and foliage cutting back. This is on the list for the handymen.



a) The proposed new bus stop by Maltings in Colchester Road will be considered by LHP.
b) Hedge opposite play area along Lexden Road will be cut uniformly.
c) Footway along Bures Road is becoming overgrown. The handymen have strimmed it.
d) Heath – the shrubs, hedging on the New Church Road side are becoming overgrown – this will be dealt with by Handymen.
e) The Church yard is becoming overgrown – this is in hand with the Church group.
f) The NEEB planning application off Coopers Crescent has been deferred at the moment.
g) The bollards on the Heath may soon need replacing – Phil will cost this. Phil
h) The man-hole cover on Newbridge hill is sticking up and needs refitting. Ask Laura about this. Laura

Date of next meeting – Thursday 13th September – no meeting in August.


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