Environment & Highways – 14th September 2017

Environment & Highways – 14th September 2017

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 14th September and discussed a range of issues including ponds & duck house, allotments, blocked ditch, flooding, storage and handymen.

Environment & Highways Report

Sub-committee Meeting held on Thurs 14 Sept 2017 in Orpen Hall

Sub-committee members present John Gili Ross, Philip Spencer, Harry Stone, Murray Harlow, Janet Crichton, David Short
Apologies Jenny Church



Items from last meeting

a) Roof of duck house will be repaired by handymen before the end of the year
The Hall Road pond is choked and needs a major job done on it. It needs a contractor with a digger to dig it out.  DS is to contact Mr Pulford to ascertain if he could do the work and would give a quote.  The usual volunteers could be used on the other ponds which are in better condition but the work may need to be done sooner in the year. DS & JC to arrange & supervise
 b) The blocked ditch in Albany Road has been dealt with for the time being and can be signed off.
 c) The new strimmer is not working as it should.  As under guarantee JGR will arrange for David Hewitt to take to Does for a diagnosis.

The work on the tow bar and trailer is complete.

d) LW is still pursuing the firm at Danbury to quote for work on the Village sign without much success Laura
 e) Ivor has still not quoted for the work in the practice goal area on the artificial turf.  MH is to look at alternatives MH


Handymen work

 a) David has now returned to working on lighter duties. In the meantime, Nigel continues to fill in as necessary.  He claims for his hours worked while David and Matt have 8 hr contracts.  All dealt with by Laura. Laura



a) The bills for 18 mths rent (6 in retrospect and a year in advance) are now being sent out and should bring in about £3000.
b) Since the earlier concerns two bonfires have been held successfully without any known complaints.  The issues which caused the problem have been dealt with in the annual letter to plot holders.


Flooding in Argents Lane

The appropriate action has been taken and we await the response of ECC.


Storage unit update

Work has progressed well thanks to the sterling efforts of the Handymen and JGR.  The concrete base has been laid. The next stage is to install the superstructure. JGR


Extended leave of Chair of Committee

JGR will be away from 15 Nov to 8 Feb.  PS will act as interim chair and HS with DS will manage the work of the Handymen.  Priorities in addition to normal schedule are the repair of the Duck House and the maintenance of the play equipment area. PS, HS, DS



In future, a grant from ECC on a matched funding basis will be available to bidders to extend the work of the Handymen.
A survey of comments on the work of Essex Highways will be completed and returned by HS.
The repositioning of the bus stop in Colchester Road by the Brewery building was considered and it was felt that the original decision of the PC to request that the location should be moved in order to provide a shelter should remain. HS
DS commented on the state of the Churchyard.  MH said that a grant had been obtained to help with the maintenance work.  
Date of next meeting –  Thursday 12 Oct 2017 at 6pm in Orpen Hall.


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