Environment & Highways – 13th October 2016

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 13th October welcomed a new member and discussed a range of issues including overgrown hedges, brambles etc… 20mph signs, football club storage, benches, handymen & ponds.

Environment & Highways Report

Sub-committee Meeting held on Thursday 13th October 2016 in JL Hall

Sub-committee members present John Gili Ross, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow, Harry Stone, Philip Spencer, Janet Crichton.
Apologies  David Short

Janet Crichton was welcomed as a new councillor on this sub-committee


Clerks Report

(see attached)
a)   Hedge at Colchester road/Chapel. This is a low priority according to Essex Highways. This hedge will need trimming but should not be flailed. A letter should be sent to the owners in Garthwood Close. JGR & LW
b)   Parking on greensward – this should be passed to Traffic Safety Group. LW
c)    VAS sign in Lexden Road – this needs to be followed up by ECC.
d)   Bollards to Poors Field need checking – Harry will do this. HS
e)   Overhanging vegetation on pathway at 72 Chapel Road. This has been tied back by the owners and is now dying of at the end of the season.
f)     Problem by 30 Chapel Road obscuring light to neighbouring property – clerk has written to householder and there is nothing more the PC can do at the moment.
g)    Overgrown brambles on corner of Albany Road by no.60. This has been noted by CBC. This item now concluded.
h)   Footway along Bures Road from Hall Road to White Hart area. Problem noted by CBC. Our Handy man has trimmed back overgrown vegetation and footway is somewhat clearer now. ECC will need to monitor to assess state of pavement.
i)     Tree enquiry from Erle Havard – roots of tree are causing damage to property. Inspection due by CBC who will report on results.
j)    Broken manhole cover at end of Hall Road where it joins Bures Road. A safety barrier is in place. Need to monitor situation. PS
k)    Request from resident for an extra dog bin in Chapel Lane area. Need to assess if this is necessary.
l)     At junction of New Church Road and Lexden road – the named road sign (NCR) is collapsing – refer to ECC rangers. LW
m)  The 20mph signs in New Church Road and School Road and leaning over and need re-setting. Refer to Essex Rangers. LW


Environment budget for next year

Invite Andrew to our next meeting. JC


Storage Facilities

The planning application for a container behind the football clubhouse has been called in by Cllr Dennis Willetts so this will take more time now.


Benches for Lorkin Daniell Field

Murray agreed to investigate prices and where to purchase MH


 Handymen work

Dave and Matt continue with their good work according to schedule.
The hedging by Lexden Road pond has been trimmed – Matt will cut the remnants up to allow to rot down in the winter.
David will be checking all the seats around the village and repairing where necessary. The WI bench at the old Church has been repaired.
Door in JL Hall and door to Orpen Hall needs attention.
Bluebell’s notice board needs moving to lobby area in half term.
Hole in Storage unit needs filling. HS
Harry will monitor the handyman schedules whilst John is away.


Village Ponds

All 3 ponds have been assessed by Nicola Downs of TCV. Proposed to cut back vegetation in the ponds by a third. She will send us a quote.
Hall road pond is very overgrown with irises and other plants. Suggest to ask Paul Downer his advice. JC
Date of next meeting – Thursday 10th November 2016 at 5pm in JL Hall


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