Premises & Recreation – 5th June 2017

Premises & Recreation – 5th June 2017

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 5th June when, among other items, they appointed chair/vice-chair, discussed Health & Safety, flooring, hire rates, maintenance & repairs, Orpen Players, West Bergholt FC and hall user group.

Premises & Recreation Minutes

Sub-committee Meeting held on 5th June 2017 in JL Hall

Sub-committee members present:

Brian Butcher, Jenny Church, Janet Crichton, Murray Harlow, Bob Tyrrell

Apologies accepted from:

Harry Stone

Also in attendance Laura Walkingshaw (Parish Clerk), Victoria Beckwith-Cole (Hall Administrator)

Before Agenda items commenced the Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman occurred and were agreed as follows:-


Chairman – Brian Butcher – Proposed Jenny Church – Seconded by Murray Harlow


Vice-Chairman – Murray Harlow – Proposed Jenny Church – Seconded by Janet Crichton


Brian Butcher also welcomed Michael Bowmer who was sitting on the meeting who is a prospective Parish Councillor.



Minutes of the last meeting on 5th May 2017 were agreed.



Matters from Last Meeting


3.1 Health and Safety:–Fire extinguisher course – VBC made contact with “The Fire Extinguisher Man” who confirmed the cost would be £300 for up to 10 people.  He has also given various dates for VBC to see go back and enquire which is convenient for everyone. VBC


BB asked VBC to check through the Health and Safety Policy on the website and to make sure VBC is carrying out her responsibilities.



VBC to let BB know when the PAT testing is next due.



Clerks & Administrator’s Report

4.1 Lighting – Electrician will be coming in the summer holidays to finish off the work in the JL Hall providing quote is accepted. VBC
4.2 Hall Flooring – VBC confirmed that a date has been agreed with S W Flooring of a start date of 31st July to complete just the Orpen Hall floor.  The stage floor will be reviewed at the next meeting.  
4.3 Hall border tidying – LW reported she had not heard back from the Young Offenders but due to Bluebells there during the week it was suggested  they carry out the work at weekends or during the summer holiday. LW
4.4 Projector – Due to budget constraints – this will be considered towards the end of year February 2018. BB
4.5 Internal Painting – BB would ideally like the Hall painted before the floor gets done.  VBC to let BB have details of Kevin Boyce to discuss further. BB
4.6 Roofing – Roses has completed the repairs.  Conversation was had re different types of tiles for when or if the roof needs total replacement in the future.  BB will enquire. BB
4.7 Other Village Hall Prices – BB confirmed that our prices appear in line with other local village halls and remain reasonable.  VBC to email LW spreadsheet of village hall prices. VBC
4.8 Hall User Group – VBC to let BB have a list of contact details of the Chairman’s for each hall user to arrange a meeting with Murray as Communication Officer, and Harry Stone to attend. BB/VBC
4.9 Orpen Players – VBC wanted confirmation from the Committee about the additional usage of the Hall that the Orpen Players have requested.  A discussion was held and it was agreed that the usage will not change.  VBC to advise the outcome. VBC
4.10 Website – Noted that VBC has started and will be up and ready for September 2017. VBC



Currently, the Trustees are in discussion in respect of additional storage and they will meet with the Orpen Players and others when there is anything to report.



Communication Officer – added Agenda item

BB commented that Communication Officer comes under Premises and Recreation and it is proposed going forward this will be an agenda item, with Murray Harlow reporting.



West Bergholt Football Club

7.1 Lease: a copy has been sent to RCCE to advise on its content eg 1yr or 6yr, license or lease?  LW will chase Sue at the RCCE. BB has not heard from Mick Bell BB/LW
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