Environment & Highways – 9th July 2015

The Environment & Highways  Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 9th July 2015 when they discussed a range of issues including handymen, traffic safety, Heath footpath and requests from the Scouts & St Mary’s

Environment & Highways Report

Sub-committee Meeting held on Thursday 9th July 2015 in John Lampon Hall

Councillors present John Gili-Ross, Harry Stone,  Rachel Howard, Jenny Church, Phil Walby, Murray Harlow, Rosemary James
Apologies None


1 Election of vice chairperson
Rosemary James agreed to take on the role of vice chair for this sub-committee. RJ
2 Terms of Reference
The original terms were discussed and it was felt by all that they were suitable. It was proposed that 2 items of the Terms of Reference for the Premises and Recreation sub-committee would sit more suitably in this subcommittee. They are as follows

  • Maintenance of field markings on Lorkin Daniell Field and Poors Land.
  • Liaison with WB Football Club and WB Heath Youth Football Club.
To be discussed at next Premises and Recreation sub-committee meeting. PW
3 Traffic Safety Plan
Since the yellow lines were set in place, there has been little problem with poor parking. Forms have been printed for Parish Councillors to place on the window screens of any cars found parking illegally. As yet none have been needed. The NEEP will be asked to monitor this situation in future.There has been no communication confirming when the remainder of the Highways tasks planned will be carried out. JGR
3 Handyman work schedule
a)   It is proposed that we employ a temporary handy man for 5 hours a week (possibly a holiday job for a young person) at £5.30 an hour to cover for peak summer times, July and August, when there is more handy man work needed. Propose to advertise on Web site and notice boards.  Steve could possibly give extra hours in the meantime. JGR
b)   The Beacon needs setting on the pole. Steve and Ivor will do this. John to arrange. JGR
c)    A plaque for the beacon will be ordered by Murray.  MH
4 Footway across Heath by school.
The surface of the path is slightly rutted, but not a problem at the moment. To be monitored over this autumn and winter. JGR
5 Scouts
A letter from the Scouts was received requesting that the PC should cut the grass surrounding the hut. Steve or Ivor could do this but we need more time to consider the request. Need to respond to Scouts for more information for this new request. JGR
6 Letter from St Mary’s Church
The Church Warden has requested help from PC with tidying the churchyard. The Church Warden will be asked for a specific proposal on this.  HS
7 Purchase of garden “Blower”
This has been purchased and is ready for use.
8 Cleaning of Signs at Orpen Hall
Steve to be asked to clean the “No dogs on Field” signs JGR
9 Date of next meeting – Thurs 10th Sept 2015 at 5pm (no meeting in August)
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