Premises & Recreation – 9th July 2015

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 9th July when they discussed a range of issues affecting Orpen Hall & playing fields such as The Heath, play equipment, signs, football club, health & safety and the fish & chip van.

Premises & Recreation Report

Sub-committee meeting held on Thursday 9th July 2015 at the John Lampon Hall

Councillors present Rosemary James, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow ,Phil Walby, Brian Butcher, Bob Tyrrell
Apologies No Apologies

Victoria Beckwith Cole in attendance.

1. Terms Of Reference for Premises and Recreation Working Party
Itwas proposed at the Environment and Highways sub committee that the following items be abstracted from the T of R for the Premises and Recreation Working party and be included in the T of R for the Environment and Highways Working Party:Maintenance of field markings on Lorkin Daniel Field and Poors Land.

Maintenance of Children’s play areas and equipment.

This was agreed by this sub committee.

2 The Heath
Following guidance by Essex Ecology, BB confirmed that The Heath is not an area of SSSI when regarding maintenance.
3 John Lampon Hall
Only one quote submitted by Ivor Beckwith Cole for £500.00 regarding installation of dado rail in hall. A specific be written by PW to emphasise need for child friendly usage and to be constructed of MDF. PW will liaise with Ivor re Parish Council requirements. Quote to then be submitted to Finance Committee for their approval. PW
4 Locking Chairs
BT has clarified with Jason Lockerby that the chairs when in use need to be locked together to comply with fire regulations.VBC to advise various organisations who hire hall of their obligations and responsibilities. VBC
5 Hire of Orpen Hall
PW to take the decision to recommend a hire fee of £250.00 for the forth coming elections of PCC and CBC to the next Finance Committee. PW
6 Play Equipment
PW confirmed still awaiting replacement parts and paint for swings. PW
7 Football Club
Mower has been purchased by the club out of their own funds, PW to submit detailed written agreement at next Finance Committee. PW
8 Orpen Hall Signage
BT submitted draft proposal and detailed drawing, various proposals regarding siting and format discussed. Suggested the notice board be sited beside cycle rack at entrance to hall. BT to obtain budget costs. BT
9 Health and Safety Issues
BB has drafted letter and questionnaire to be used where relevant for any on-site contractors to the hall. This has been passed to The Parish Clerk. BB
10 Cleaning
Issues around cleaning contractor. PW has discussed the problems with Mike, especially regarding the supervision of employees. PW to meet with Mike again and emphasise a need for improvement. PW
11 Fish and Chip Van
Need to start charging for use of car park and electricity. Letter to be sent from Clerk stating hire charge of £15.00 p.w. with effect from August. PW
12 AOB
a)   BT brought to the attention of the committee a long horizontal crack in the link corridor parapet wall, this will need to be investigated BT has arranged meeting with John Inkpen of Inkpen Downie Architects on 22 July @9.30am. BB is of the view that the plaster should be removed the crack covered with eml and the wall replastered. This should resolve the problem. PC will need to make insurance claim. BT
b)   Potential hazard at entrance to JL hall, Chris Stevenson to be informed. PW
Date of next meeting – Thurs 10th Sept 2015 at 4pm (no meeting in August)


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