Environment & Highways – 10th May 2017

Environment & Highways – 10th May 2017

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 10th May and discussed a range of issues including benches, ditches, tree survey, handymen, flooding & allotments.

Environment & Highways Report

Sub-committee Meeting held on Wednesday 10th May 2017 in Orpen Hall

Sub-committee members present John Gili Ross, Philip Spencer, Harry Stone, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow, Janet Crichton, David Short
Apologies None



Items from last meeting

 a) Roof of duck house will be repaired by handymen.
 b) The 2 benches for the LD field have been purchased and delivered. They have been cemented in and are ready for use.
 c) The remaining benches around the village are being refurbished by the handyman.
 d) Blocked ditch in Albany close – the ditch is now pumped out and is flowing down the Colchester Road ditch and is running clear. The problem is not cured so will need monitoring. The ditch apparently is the responsibility of the adjacent house-owners who back onto the ditch. Laura to write to householders concerned to request they keep their area clear. Laura
 e) The flooding in Lexden Road that occurs in very wet weather is under control at the moment.
 f) The Premises Sub-committee is re-organising the use of the storage garages. There could be space for environment equipment when this has been completed.
 g) New equipment – investigating purchase of tow bar, decision to be made of whether to buy new or used one. Purchase of a trailer to be discussed between John and Phil. Phil has researched and has found one for sale in Kent that would cost £800 plus travelling costs and one for sale in Suffolk which costs £1,170. This will be referred to Finance committee. Propose a trailer could be stored behind the football club. A Stihl power pack has been purchased and is being used. A lopper is awaiting delivery. JGR & Phil


Handymen work

 a) David is indisposed with a damaged foot but can still complete some tasks. In the meantime, Matt is currently working with his father-in-law Nigel.
 b) The bollards at entrance to school from New Church Road need replacing. Propose to replace with wooden squared posts with cross members that would be more visible to delivery lorries. Probable cost would be £180. Handymen could install. These might also need to be installed on the other side of the entrance.
 c) The hand-dryers in the new toilets were reported as not working but an electrical trip switch was reset and all is working now.
 d) The village sign, the notice board on the Heath and the wooden notice board need attention. Harry will talk to David about what is needed. HS
 e) Practice goal area is being badly worn away around the astro turf from so much use and could cause injuries. Murray will talk to Ivor and ask his advice and give us a quote to consider extending the astroturf area. MH



 a) A stall with a roof is being planned for “sale” of plants and produce for charity donations.
 b) The kicking boards around the fencing have been repaired


Village tree survey.

Phil has agreed to carry out this task with knowledge from JGR to construct a map of our trees. We need a register of tree assets. This will be carried out when the trees are in leaf which is about now. PS &




 a) Kerb edging at Henderson Place needs attention. Jan C
 b) Road closures in village due to laying of fibre-optics by Virgin. Information needs to be sent to Laura by ECC and Virgin.
 c) Agreed to change start time of this meeting to commence at 6pm in future. Confirm with room-bookings. Jen C
 d) Phil raised a traffic safety issue – a school bus parks in Lexden Road daily opposite the junction with Hall Road. This could cause a serious problem. Suggest we refer to Traffic Safety Group. Jen C

Date of next meeting –  Thursday 8th June 2017 at 6pm in upstairs cubby hole in Orpen Hall.

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