Premises & Recreation – 8th May 2017

Premises & Recreation – 8th May 2017

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 8th May when, among other items, they discussed Health & Safety, flooring, hire rates, maintenance & repairs and hall user group.

Premises & Recreation Minutes

Sub-committee Meeting held on 8th May 2017 in JL Hall

Sub-committee members present:

Janet Crichton, Murray Harlow, Harry Stone, Bob Tyrrell
Also in attendance Victoria Beckwith-Cole (Hall Administrator)



Apologies accepted from:

Brian Butcher and Jenny Church



Minutes of the last meeting on 3rd April 2017 were agreed.


Matters from Last Meeting

3.1 Health and Safety:–Fire extinguisher course – VBC has started contacting hirers to see who would like to attend this course and to find dates. VBC/LW


Clerks & Administrator’s Report

4.1 Lighting – Electrician has been and completed outstanding jobs apart from quoting for replacement strip lights in the JL Hall. VBC will chase. VBC
4.2 Hall Flooring – The three original companies that quoted before the job specification was send have not sent revised quotes.  The Coggeshall company was the only company to apply and it was suggested that this quote be put before the Finance Committee to consider as works will need to be completed in the summer holidays and dates need to be secured. Finance Committee
4.3 Hall border tidying – This will be addressed at the June meeting. LW/VBC
4.4 Projector – This will be addressed at the June meeting – currently being used without any remarks. BB/MH/VBC
4.5 Internal Painting – VBC advised that no further companies were interested in the job.  The one quote received has not got back since asking to quote to the job specification. BB/VBC
4.6 Roofing – To be addressed at the June meeting. A brief conversation was had reiterating what was said at the last meeting and also discussing various options of using cement tiles? BB
4.7 Other Village Hall Prices – VBC ran through various prices of local Village Hall – VBC will issue them to the Committee. VBC
4.8 Website – VBC has started to gather information and suggested that once the Hall floor and painting has been completed to photograph then and to have the new website ready for September 2017. VBC
4.9 Hall User Group – to be discussed at the June Meeting. BB


West Bergholt Football Club

5.1 As BB was not in attendance at the meeting – this will be addressed at the June meeting. BB


Any Other Business

6.1 Poors Field – MH asked VBC to make contact with BHYFC to confirm their actual usage on the Poors Field at weekends to further look into use v fees. VBC

Meeting closed at 5.45pm

Date of next meeting – 5th June 2017 – 7.30 pm John Lampon Hall

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