Consultation on Essex Police, Fire & Rescue

Police & Crime CommissionerThe Future of Essex Police, Fire & Rescue?

The people of Essex are being urged to have their say in the potential change in the way Essex Police and Essex County Fire & Rescue Service is governed.  To have your say respond to the consultation that ends on Wednesday 10th May.

The Policing and Crime Act 2017 enables police and crime commissioners to become the fire and rescue authority where a strong local case is made. The Government has also created a statutory duty to collaborate.

Police and Crime Commissioner Roger Hirst said:

Together we have developed a local case for Essex to strengthen our emergency services, improve joint working and deliver significant savings.

We have an opportunity to share knowledge; back office services; make better use of estates, and help protect vulnerable people in joined-up ways.

The resources freed up by this would be reinvested in front line services and enable both emergency services to better protect the people of Essex.

Please view my video on the right for more details on the options.

New Duty

This new duty requires emergency services to keep collaboration opportunities under review.  They must take on collaboration opportunities where it would be in the interests of efficiency and effectiveness to do so.

Have Your Say…

To give your views, please visit or contact the Office of Police Crime Commissioner by emailing [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”] or by phoning 01245 291600.

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