Traffic Safety Success

Essex County Council has agreed to a range of traffic calming measures in the vicinity of Heathlands School.  The suggestions were previously referenced in a local news update just 2 weeks ago and it is great news that ECC have agreed to the following:

  • West Bergholt – around Heathlands school – New Church Road
Flat Top table at each end, including lighting; Build out at Mumford Close including footpath link, lighting and signing; Parking restrictions at junctions New Church Road/lexden Road/school lane and chapel road; school keep clear markings, school warning sign and SLOW marking
  • West Bergholt – around Heathlands school – School Lane
Flat Top Table from junction with Colchester Road; Parking restrictions at junction school Lane and Colchester Road; school warning signs and SLOW markings on carriageway.
  • Lexden Road
School warning signs and Slow Markings
  • Chapel Road
School warning signs and Slow Markings

The Council has noted that there may be some concerns about these schemes and have said:

Lighting may be an issue with Local Residents as New Church Road is currently unlit. Power supply required – overhead supply required.  Noise/vibration from vehicles travelling over humps may concern residents.  School should consult with local residents before works begin.

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