Premises & Recreation – 9th November 2015

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 9th November when, among other items, they discussed Health & Safety, cleaning contract, football, refurbishment of toilets and financial matters.

Premises & Recreation Minutes

Sub-committee meeting held on Monday 9th November 2015 in the John Lampon Hall

Councillors present Brian Butcher (Chair), Murray Harlow (Vice chair), Rosemary James, Harry Stone, Jenny Church, Bob Tyrrell.
Apologies Victoria Beckwith-Cole & Phil Cook

Andrew Savage (RFO), Laura Walkingshaw (Parish Clerk), David Short, Phil Spencer and Mark Pollitt also in attendance


Matters from Last Meeting

1.1 Orpen Hall Signage

BT was concerned the sign was a little large, has now reduced it to the size of a door. Committee all agreed to basic principle and size. BT to now obtain some formal quotes. Once committee content with price, will confirm placement and wording.



1.2 Health and Safety Questionnaire

BB has received no negative response. Health & Safety checklist for village and community halls. Will review and bring back to next meeting.



1.3 Mowing of Scout Hut Grass

Completed – item moved to Environment.


Clerks & Administrator’s Report

As attached (Appendix 1)



Cleaning contract has been re-written – Contract agreed, with a couple of small amendments for LW to make, to be approved at Finance, then Parish Council meetings. LW




West Bergholt Football Club – grass cutting Lorkin Daniell Field

Football club have requested a back-payment of grass cutting money – April to November, 8 months @ £40/month = £320. All agreed, however WBFC must sign agreement first. LW & WBFC




Bergholt Heath Youth Football Club – Saturday morning training proposal

After training on the Lorkin Daniell Field at short notice on Sat 7th November, the BHYFC have been asked to refrain from training there, until a decision has been made. The Parish Clerk awaits a response to this email. A meeting is to be arranged by LW with the club and BB, CS + two other members of the Premises committee to discuss the proposal in full. BB to report back at the next meeting. LW & BB


Refurbishment of Orpen Hall Toilets

It was agreed by all that if undertaken in the next 3 months an article will be placed in the Village Bulletin & on the website looking for “local builders who must have the skills, knowledge and experience and the organisational capability necessary to undertake such or similar work and a working knowledge of CDM 2015” from which a short list of local contractors can be put together, from whom tenders could be sought for any works between £500 and £25,000.

It was also agreed to seek a fee quote from a local designer to act as Designer and Principal Designer for the WCs. The budget needs to take said fee into account and may also be needed to cover an asbestos refurbishment survey, for the WCs.

CIF panel meeting very soon, there is a lot of interest in this funding and the committee await an answer.



Storage Units

Lack of usable storage is becoming a problem; a rationalisation or extension of the garages is needed. The Orpen Players need to review the contents of their garage after the Panto has finished. VB-C to instruct Orpen Players. BB requires a plan of the Hall, LW will provide. HS to measure size of storage units and produce a rough plan. Will discuss again at January meeting. VB-C, LW, HS


Terms of Reference

Changes made with Environment sub-committee – Premises incorporates the Halls & their storage units, the maintenance of such and the hiring out of the Halls & other areas. It no longer includes the maintenance of anything other than the Halls and the storage units.

BB will obtain a copy of the Terms of Reference and will circulate it for member’s approval.



Budget for next year

Attendance by RFO to discuss budget requirements. Attached (Appendix 2) is the proposed budget produced by the RFO. The committee sought guidance from the RFO on paying for some of the following improvement ideas:

  • refurbishing the Orpen Hall toilets, including fees & survey
  • extending the garage storage areas
  • improving the servery
  • upgrading the upstairs meeting room
  • improving the rubbish area (new store)
  • paying for the sign (see item 2.1)

AS advised that the Hall account always tends to underspend by £7000 and that the General account has a donations/projects fund. One way to achieve these improvements would be to reduce costs or increase letting/hire charges. After analysing of the figures provided by AS, it was agreed in principle to increase the hire charges by 5%, raising an extra £2000. VB-C to bring the current hire charges to the next meeting. VB-C to also provide any data she has on Hall usage. Perhaps a bar chart highlighting times when the Halls are often free?




Overflowing Rubbish

At present the rubbish is collected weekly by Colchester Skip Hire on a Thursday, however the skip is frequently full and overflowing. MH proposed a twice weekly collection, seconded by JC. All agreed. Mondays were requested, LW to phone Colchester Skip Hire.





Date of next meeting – No meeting in December. LW to advise date of January meeting, following meeting with VB-C. LW

Appendix 1

Appendix 1

Clerks Report – West Bergholt Parish Council – Premises Committee

Meeting Date Agenda Number Minute Reference Information and decision made Action taken and outcome Date note closed
21/10/2015 Oct-15 2a WBFC – grass cutting Lorkin Daniell Field – The agreement awaits signing by both parties. Awaiting signing – have asked for back payment see item 5 on Nov Agenda
21/10/2015 Oct-15 2b WBFC – to contact developer of 45-47 Lexden Road re: mesh net. Clerk to be copied into email Clerk gave details of developer to WBFC, but has not heard anything yet
21/10/2015 Oct-15 7 Cleaning – BB & the Clerk to update the current contract to include the need to seek quotes on an annual basis. Updated contract – to be agreed
21/10/2015 Oct-15 11 Terms of Reference – BB requested that the Clerk highlight the changes that have been suggested so he can make an informed decision. Terms of Reference for Environment & Premises highlighted and sent to Chair 06/11/2015
21/10/2015 Oct-15 13a Documents – BB requested the following documents from the Clerk/Hall Administrator:
• Hall Insurance
• Health & Safety Plan
• Risk Assessments
• Asbestos Management Plan
Clerk has Hall Insurance & Risk Assessment documents – sent to Chair. Checking with Hall Administrator re: H&S and Asbestos Plans
21/10/2015 Oct-15 13c Indian Ceremony – fire pit outside. Fire extinguisher required on hand and isolated in car park. Administrator has relayed information to users 05/11/15
21/10/2015 Oct-15 13d Trainer – The committee were concerned with CRB implications and requested the Clerk seek advice from the EALC. Trainer should have a DBS check (Declaring & Barring Service – replaced CRB). However, PT has contacted Administrator saying not able to start as planned – hoping for New Year. Awaiting info we requested from him.
21/10/2015 Oct-15 13e New Tap – Administrator to order new tap Plumber has been informed and will complete the work within the next two weeks
21/10/2015 Oct-15 13f Safe – Administrator to task Ivor Ivor to move week commencing 09/11/15
21/10/2015 Oct-15 13g Boiler – Administrator to send BB details of current boiler and to seek advice from local repairer. Admin. has sent BB information. Until receive new error code cannot contact repairer – will keep an eye on it.
21/10/2015 Oct-15 13h Firework Display – VB-C and the Clerk to create the signage. Signage created and cars parked to block left side of Hall 07/11/2015
21/10/2015 Oct-15 13i Orpen Players asked for reduction in bill – agreed to reduce bill by £200 Orpen Players would like to thank the Premises committee for their generosity. 05/11/2015
03/11/2015 Asbestos Survey received from Scouts (David Kay) re: Scout Hut Clerk has aknowledged receipt of survey and requested copy of Asbestos Management Plan.
04/11/15 Bollards on Lorkin Daniell Field – Cannot find keys to 3 bollards and those by MUGA area are not even padlocked. Also tractor able to drive over ramp onto field. Clerk will obtain copies of two left-hand bollard keys from WBFC. Clerk has contacted Steve Cook about right-hand bollard – now received. Committee need to discuss MUGA bollards.
04/11/15 Colchester Skip Hire – Christmas collection times. Clerk unaware should charge Social Club half of waste disposal costs. Collection day Thursday, therefore Hall not affected. Times forwarded to Administrator. Clerk will bill Social Club for waste.

Appendix 2

Appendix 2 9th November 2015

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