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Film-&-LiteratureFilms & Literature

Films & Literature is the topic of the upcoming WEA course starting at 8pm on 13th September.   The course will investigate the way books & cinema have influenced the other as David Read, the tutor, says:

From the early days of cinema to the present day film has shared with the novel a passion for storytelling. Early pioneer of the Silent Film D W Griffiths, cited the novels of Dickens as an influence on his technique and to this day film makers continue to use literature as an inspiration.

Films/books that we will consider in the study are “The Great Gatsby” and “Pride & Prejudice”.

What will it be like?

WEA classes are friendly and supportive.  You will work in groups and with the whole class, sharing ideas and views and giving and receiving feedback.  The WEA tutor uses a range of different teaching and learning methods and will encourage you to be actively involved in your learning.  You will get the texts for the following week each session and might find it it useful to supplement them with some internet research or background reading.

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • make informed judgements about the success or otherwise of film adaptations of literary works;
  • identify similarities of form and content across the two media;
  • describe the narrative techniques used by writers and film makers;
  • describe the stylistic techniques used by writers and film makers.

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The course will run for 9 evenings at the Methodist Hall, Chapel lane, and will cost £47.25.  (If you are on low income and benefits, let the organiser know, the fee may be waived).  If you would like to find out more contact Gill on 01206 240512, you are also most welcome to try the first evening for free.


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