Environment & Highways Report – 14th April 2016

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 14th April and discussed a range of issues including Queen’s Birthday, Parking, Wheelie Bin, Storage, Handymen & ongoing actions.

Environment & Highways Report

Sub-committee Meeting held on Thursday 14th April 2016 in JL Hall

Sub-committee members present John Gili Ross, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow, Phil Spencer, David Short
Apologies Harry Stone



Storage Facilities

Members met in car park to discuss current proposals for new storage facilities.

The Premises sub-committee has suggested building an extension to the back end of the current garages by the Football club changing rooms. The feeling of this sub-committee is this would not be able to be built out far enough for the needs of storage. The previous suggestion of building onto the front side of the garages would be less helpful as we would be losing 2 car parking spaces in the process. The original proposal from this committee to use the area where the rubbish and large wheelie bin is stored would still be our preference.

Propose for representatives from this committee to meet with representatives from Premises in the car park area to try to resolve the problem. JGR


Queen’s Birthday Celebration

All planning well in hand. Beacon is now in situ. Volunteers named for assisting with Beacon lighting, fireworks, car parking. JGR


 Clerks Report

a)   Upturned soil left in wake of new water pipe across Heath to school. The hole is now full of water. Clerk will follow up problem with Anglia Water. LW
b)   Large pothole at entrance to Armoury Road causing problem and this is exacerbated by dangerous parking at the corner of the road. Laura to follow this up. LW
c)    Overhanging hedges at 63 Lexden Road and 143 Chapel Road need attention. Laura to follow this up after having sent letters to residents. LW & JGR
d)   Vehicle Activated Sign in Lexden Road not working. Laura to follow this up. LW
e)   Pavement defect at Colchester Road near Bouncability has been attended to by EEC. And a “temporary” fix put in place. Ask handyman to monitor this site LW
f)     Ride-on Mower has been purchased and registered. Registration number needs to be sent to insurance company. LW & JGR
g)    Hedge cutting at Chapel Road substation has been carried out. The cutting back required for laurel hedging along Colchester Road opposite village sign and roundabout is awaited. Laura will monitor this situation. LW
h)   Concerns re: lime tree on front corner of 42 New Church Road, a tree limb was removed by CBC and the area is now safe. Clerk wrote to resident of the property to ascertain who owns the tree. LW
i)     A Freighter will attend at the Orpen Hall car park on Saturday 30th April from 11 – 12 am LW


Considerate Parking scheme

List of previous offenders for illegal parking made prior to end of term. This exercise needs to be repeated now school term has commenced.


Traffic Safety Plan

20mph signs now in situ.


Handyman work

Second handyman now appointed – Matt Harkness.   Ongoing work in the village being carried out well. The fallen tree across Hall Road pond has been cut down. The remnants will need removing. JGR
The storage unit will be cleared to allow the ride on mower to be stored when it arrives.  Training will be needed for the two handymen and for Councillors to pass on knowledge as needed.  It is hoped the mower will be delivered at a convenient time when David and Matt are available.


Ball stop fence and netting

The WBFC has requested assistance from PC regarding this installation. This sub-committee feel that it should not be sited on the LD Field and should be the responsibility of the WBFC and the developers of the neighbouring building site.  The committee feels the PC should not get involved with this proposal. JGR


Wheelie Bin

A wheelie bin has been purchased and is sited near the Practice goal on the LD field. Hope the young people make use of it for their rubbish.


Community Day of Action Autumn 2016 has been proposed.

Suggest we make a bid centred on our Traffic Safety Plan. JC



Parking around the Co-op is often a major problem.
Date of next meeting – Thursday 12th May 2016 at 4pm in JL Hall.


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