Vacant Allotments

Gardener in Allotments
Why not come & join us – there are vacant allotments!

Vacant Allotments – Grow Your Own

As a new growing year approaches a small number of plots have become available to let to village residents.  The standard price is £16 per year for up to a 5 rod plot with concessions for those over 60, and starter plots are available.

The benefits of joining over eighty other village residents are:

  • Reduce weekly household costs by growing your own fruit and vegetables.
  • Enjoy organically produced produce.
  • Benefit from West Bergholt fresh air and exercise.
  • Make new friends and enjoy the company of fellow plot holders.
  • (See more below)

The downsides are:

  • The battle against the weather and pests.
  • The need for a regular commitment of a few hours a week.

For further details you can visit the Association’s webpage on this site or contact Terry Claydon by phone 01206 242124/07902332085 or email [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”].

Support is available through a “buddies” scheme for those with limited experience in growing fruit and vegetables.

Further Benefits of Allotment Gardening

The National Allotment Society adds more, for example:

  • 30 minutes of gardening can burn around 150 calories, this is teh same as low impact aerobics,
  • 15 minutes (fair skinned) to 90 minutes (darker-skinned) a day can build levels of Vitamin D,
  • creates a wildlife habitat maintaining biodiversity.
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