Premises & Recreation – 8th January 2015

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 8th January to consider a range of issues and decisions affecting the Premises and Recreational facilities under their jurisdiction.  Updates on New Year’s Eve & December’s table-top sale events at Orpen Hall, security lighting and the possibility of Film Nights.  The formal report to the Parish Council is as follows:

Premises & Recreation Report

Sub-committee meeting held on Thursday 8th January 2015 at the John Lampon Hall

Councillors present Phil Walby, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow
Apologies Rosemary James, Rachel Howard

Victoria Beckwith Cole in attendance.

1. Orpen Hall
  a)   The letting on New Year’s Eve went well. Vicky opened up and closed up on the evening and again the next morning for the hirers to clear up.  It was suggested to repeat the event next year as it was so successful. Proposed to ask Rachel if she would be interested in planning this. RH
  b)   The locking chairs in the Hall now work efficiently – Vicky will demonstrate how to set them out for the Orpen Players. VBC
Agenda item
  c)    The cleaning is improved. Vicky will review contract with the cleaners.
  d)   The outside security lights on the 4 corners of the Hall will be to LED. The cost is quoted as £484 + VAT. Vicky to deal with this. VBC
  e)   The table top sale held in the Hall in December was very successful. Vicky proposed that it could be repeated in future as a PC fundraising event. VBC
2 Practice Goal Area
  Ivor has completed the preparatory work and needs to be paid for this. He is waiting for an invoice for purchasing “turf”. A better system would help considerably and the work would be completed more quickly. Phil suggests a transfer of money rather than waiting for a cheque. PW
Agenda item
3 Film night
  Phil will arrange to discuss with Bernard about this project. PW
4 Play equipment
  Phil will talk to Ivor about what is required to make all play equipment safe. The areas of concern are all low risk. PW
5 Football Club
  The club has a problem with having access to the MUGA to retrieve balls that have gone over the fence. They need access to code on a regular basis. PW
Agenda item
6 Community Aging Services
  Visited recently to assist with welfare for residents in the village. A successful and beneficial outcome to visit. Agenda item
  Agreed to organise a contract for a mobile phone for Vicky’s use. PW
  Date of next meeting – Thursday February 12th 2015 in JL Hall


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