Premises & Recreation – 12th February 2015

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 12th February when they discussed a range of issues affecting Orpen Hall & playing fields such as spoons going missing from Orpen Hall (please return if you have any), events, cleaning and safety of play equipment.

Premises & Recreation Report

Sub-committee meeting held on Thursday 12th February 2015 at the John Lampon Hall

Councillors present Phil Walby, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow, Rosemary James
Apologies Rachel Howard

Victoria Beckwith Cole in attendance.

1. Orpen Hall
a)   Locking chairs in main hall – still a bit of a problem – Phil to write to the suppliers to explain problem. And ask for someone to advise. PW
b)   Hall cleaning. Deep cleaning of JL Hall to be carried out in half term Vicky to discuss with Mike to agree cleaning specifications and schedule. VBC
c)    Security lights at 4 corners of hall to be changed to LED.  Vicky to communicate with company concerned. VBC
d)   A table top sale has been booked in the Hall for March. Plan to investigate having a PC table top sale in the future. VBC
e)   Fire Safety Audit carried out – everything in good order – next due September 2015
f)     Meeting has been arranged with Orpen Players for 17th Feb. to discuss issues. PW
g)    Meeting to be arranged with Bluebells to discuss issues. PW
2 Practice Goal Area
Ivor has completed the work to restore the grass area. This will be ready for use at the end of the week.
3 Film night
Phil will arrange to discuss with Bernard about this project. PW
4 Play equipment
Phil will talk to Ivor about what is required to make all play equipment safe. The areas of concern are all low risk. PW
5 Football Club
The West Bergholt Football Club wish to buy grass cutting equipment and have asked the PC if they could assist financially in any way. PW
Agenda item
6 Car Park
The work on the ramp, paving and plant areas has been completed and appears a good job done. Agenda item
7 Mobile phone
Vicky now has a contract mobile phone.
a)   Teaspoons are missing from the kitchen!! Vicky to put up notice in the kitchen to try to initiate their return. VBC
b)   CBC to be charged usual fee for use of JL Hall for elections in May VBC
c)    Maintenance of flower beds around Hall – how is this being organised? Agenda item
Date of next meeting – Thursday 12th March 2015 in JL Hall
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