“Grow your own” sound good?

Wondering what a Rod is?
Wikipedia says:

The rod is a unit of length equal to 5½ yards, 16½ feet or 1⁄320th of a statute mile. Since the adoption of the international yard on 1 July 1959, it has been equivalent to exactly 5.0292 meters. A rod is the same length as a perch or a pole. In old English, the term lug is also used

Then you will be pleased to hear that at the start of a new growing season a few allotment plots have become available.

Most are five rod plots for which the annual rent is £15 or £9 for over 60s.  A few half size Taster Plots for newcomers are also available.

This is a good time to take up growing your own vegetables and if anyone new to the practice needs help there are plenty of seasoned gardeners to offer advice.

If interested please contact Terry Claydon on 242124 or Email [antibot mailto=”[email protected]”]

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