Environment & Highways – 14th June 2018

Environment & Highways – 14th June 2018

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 14th June, and discussed bus shelter and cherry trees at Orpen Hall, ponds, allotments, handymen, items held over from the last meeting and other items raised.

Environment & Highways Report

Committee Meeting held on Thursday 14th June 2018 in Orpen Hall

Committee members present: John Gili Ross, Harry Stone, Murray Harlow, David Short, Jenny Church.
Apologies: Phil Spencer, Janet Crichton.



Items from last meeting

a) Duck House to be repaired in Autumn. Handymen
b) Playground equipment – digger used to remove some of old matting – this work is in progress to make safe. New poles needed for climbing frame.  
c) Refurbish/ replace play equipment – Proposal to form a Playground Advisory Group from parents to identify new equipment, cost and prepare a proposal for presentation to the Parish Council.

Assess what equipment would be useful in the future. Ask Laura for a group of Mums for ideas.  Publish via Facebook calling for volunteers

Form a working group to review adult exercise equipment, cost and identify location.  Publish via Facebook calling for volunteers.

d) Remove wood from the school that was planned for second barrier at school entrance. Handymen
e) Fencing for protecting heather – Assess cost – quote from Phil acceptable. Phil
f) Ponds:

  • Hall Road Pond – Spoil has been removed from pond.
  • Lexden Road Pond is satisfactory.
  • Queens Road pond – serious growth of greenery, mainly reed mace. David to discuss with Phil.


g) Hedging alongside new lock up has been cut back Handymen
h) Eco survey of Heath to be carried out on 4.7.18.  
i) Village warden – courses to be organised – pesticide control, health and safety. Nigel and Matt to attend – Laura to organise. List of clothing required. Laura


Handymen – work update.

a) Grass cutting is a priority at the moment.  
b) Salt store to be built.  



  The problem with water tanks has been dealt with successfully by a plumber. Now have a concrete base. Propose to increase rents for next year by 5%.  


Bus shelter opposite Orpen Hall.

  Bus company has accepted liability and insurance will fund a new shelter. Three quotes required – propose same style. Propose the shelter to be sited further back from the kerb to prevent future problems.  


Cherry Trees at front of Orpen Hall

  Premises Committee have asked this committee to remove any of the trees that are causing a problem. Ask Phil to assess the trees. Phil



a) David reported that corner of Albany Road needs greenery to be further cut back. David
b) New Church Road – an individual has sited a new dog bin. David to talk to Lewis Barber. David
c) David is concerned about drug users in the village – he should report his concerns to the police. David
d) Street furniture should be cleaned once a year – this could be the Warden’s role.  Laura to request contractor to begin a clean of all street furniture. Laura
e) 30mph signs on Bures Road are leaning into hedging and foliage is covering the signs. Handymen could try to rectify. Handymen
f) Street signs will need to be strimmed Handymen

Date of next meeting – Thursday 12th July 2018 at 5.30pm, Orpen Hall



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