Drink Driving & other Xmas crimes?

Police Drink Driving poster

Drink Driving

Adam Pipe, the Casualty Reduction Manager at Essex Police is asking all Speedwatch groups, and other community-minded folks, for any  support they can give to the Xmas drink driving campaign.  Such support is always much appreciated and could help save lives. He says:

We always look to the support of the community in providing us with intelligence relating to possible known drink drivers within your communities and this information can be provided to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

As always you can stay in touch with our daily operations via following my Twitter page @EPAdamPipe.

As their poster cautions – drink-driving can have devastating consequences, don’t take the chance, make sure you arrange your lift home in advance.

Seasonal Fraud On-line

Criminals are always present in our lives and Christmas is no exception.    The City of London Police recently issued a document detailing 12 top seasonal frauds being conducted on-line and how to protect yourself from them:

  1. Shopping On-line?  Beware bogus shopping sites – some may have nothing to deliver, others are shifting counterfeit goods;
  2. Auction Sites are safe aren’t they? Only if used in the safest way and using trusted sellers.
  3. Email links and attachments?  Click them at your peril
  4. Booking a holiday?  If the price seems too good to be true it probably is.
  5. E-card or e-virus?  Many e-cards are safe – but not all are!
  6. Social network special gifts & offers?  Often just trying to capture personal data with nothing to offer at all.
  7. It’s good to give to charity isn’t it?  Of course it is – but make sure it is a legitimate on-line donation.
  8. Paying on-line for presents and services?  Safe only as long as you take precautions.
  9. Transfer the money now to secure your purchase?  Despite the financial institution involved, the ‘seller’ might be running a scam.
  10. Voucher codes are good news?  Possibly, but open to fraud as criminals spread ‘ransomware’ viruses.
  11. Must-see event and cheap tickets?  They might only be cheap because they don’t exist.
  12. Paying with your mobile?  Highly convenient but subject to hacking if not careful.

Read more about how you can protect yourself in 12 Online Frauds of Christmas.

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