Allotments update – Horse Manure

Horse manureNotice to Allotment Holders and other interested parties

This year maybe the last year we can obtain bulk supplies of horse manure for our allotments as the current supplier is seeking to sell and move to another location. Despite considerable efforts by the committee and many plot holders, other sources to date have not been located.  Naturally we will continue to seek a supplier who can provide upwards of a 100 tonne per year.  If you know of a potential source who could provide a similar amount please contact the chairperson, Terry Claydon or those below. Furthermore, the transport provider who provided the delivery service for many years has now retired, although he has honoured a commitment this year to outstanding supplies from last year which was delayed due to the prevailing weather conditions at the time.  A new transport contractor has been arranged for this year, which has necessitated an increase in the rate charged per trailer load. However, a full load of manure has increased by 20%.


  • Full Load                   £70.00 (10 tonne approx.)
  • Half Load                  £35.00
  • Quarter Load            £17.50 (37 barrow loads approx.)


  1. A minimum of two/four plot holders will be required to facilitate half/quarter loads being made available.
  2. Payment in cash required at time of order.
  3. Supplies will be delivered as near to plot as is reasonably possible and if off-plot will need to be relocated to plot at earliest opportunity by the plot holder.


To arrange your requirements please contact below before 29th September 2014


Subject to weather conditions delivery is being planned for the first week in October

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