Spring Lane Bridge Closure

Spring Lane Bridge

Later this year, provisionally early August onwards, Essex County Council (ECC) will be replacing the bridge in Spring Lane. This bridge has been deteriorating for some time and subject to a weight limit. Engineers now believe replacement is the only viable option. The proposed replacement will be programmed for a 28 week duration, which will require the road to be closed at the bridge for the entirety of the scheme. A temporary footbridge will be available for cyclists and pedestrians.

The new structure will be designed to modern standards and have a design lifespan of 120 years. Whilst ECC appreciates the existing bridge is a particularly nice form of structure, it is not fit for use and will pose a risk to all users if the issues with it are not addressed. Nonetheless, they are looking at ways of incorporating the design of the existing bridge into the new structure; however this is in the early stages and subject to budgetary constraints.

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