Premises & Recreation – 10th September 2015

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 10th September when they discussed a range of issues affecting Orpen Hall & playing fields such as The Heath, play equipment, signs, football club, health & safety and cleaning.

Premises & Recreation Report

Sub-committee meeting held on Thursday 10th September 2015 at the Orpen Hall

Councillors present Rosemary James, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow, Phil Walby, Brian Butcher, Bob Tyrrell
Apologies No Apologies

Victoria Beckwith Cole and Laura Walkingshaw in attendance.

1. John Lampon Hall
Dado rail installed, but a potential Health and Safety issue raised. Young children could possibly be injured by the sharp corners of the rail sited near the emergency door exit. Ivor Beckwith-Cole to be asked to round off these corners as part of the original specification. PW
2 Play Equipment
Equipment ready for H/S inspection next week. Possibility of a third swing to be installed was raised at the E and H sub-committee meeting, but was seen by this committee to be a possible H/S issue. Decided we would be guided by the inspector to see if a third swing would be compliant, before being considered. PW
3 Football Club
£480.00 has been agreed to be paid to the football club in respect of them mowing LD field, however it was felt that it was not prudent to pay all monies up front and a better way would be to set up a standing order from the PC to the football club. Suggested that this fee may also be covered by postponing their rent to us in lieu of the use of the field. Decision to be made by the Finance Committee at their next meeting.

Concern raised regarding their insurance when mower in use by FC club. Clerk to PC to send a letter to confirm details.

Some confusion around who mows what areas, clarification required. Clerk again to produce documentation with delineated areas of responsibility.



4 Orpen Hall Signage
BT submitted quote for signage to OH, after on-site inspection was decided should be double-sided and located to left of disabled parking area. BT to submit Finance Committee a new quote. BT
5 Cleaning
Cleaning has not improved, complaints from hirers continue to be received. Payment of bill to be withheld and Mike given 3 month’s notice.

Meanwhile, need to advertise for new cleaner even going out to the commercial cleaning sector and consider overnight cleaning etc.

6 Health and Safety
BB has drafted a contractors questionnaire, needs to be reviewed by suitable our experienced councillors who have this necessary expertise. BB
7 Crack in link corridor parapet wall.
BT met with contractor on site and was advised that the wall was structurally safe, therefore no cause for concern. Cosmetics to be dealt at next maintenance.
Date of next meeting – 21st October 2015 at JLH


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